A few years ago I stumbled upon a Honda CRX mk2 (EG2/4/6) on about every street corner, but stumbling upon one nowadays is actually quite rare. So imagine how happy I was stumbling upon this one:

A Honda CRX mk2 with massively widened body work and deep dished Gotti rims!

Attached to the hatch there is the ubiquitous CRX spoiler you see on everyone of them but with the widened bodywork it doesn’t hurt at all:

No sir, not at all! ;)

These deep dished Gotti rims make the car a real beauty!

I already spotted this CRX a few months ago and passed it almost on a daily basis. I decided to make a short video (wasabi cars style!) of it but as the days got shorter I was not able to make a video with enough light yet. Since one month the CRX has disappeared so I guess my luck with this one maxed out. Who knows it might return one day. ;)