Wangan Warriors Meeting 10: drop the bombs!

Bombs, bombs and more bombs… WW10 was almost fully covered in stickerbombed cars. Last years latest trend is definitely going strong now!
First of all this Nissan Skyline R33 GT-R wing intrigued me:
When cheap stickerbombs...
Yes, that’s what happens if you use cheap stickers to bomb your GT-R wing. 😉

As a sidenote, it was a GT-R wing stuck to the bootlid of a GTS-25t:
Skyline GTS-t

Also this CRX Del Sol was combining several styles including the bomb:
Serious CRX del sol
Ratlook, slammed and stickerbombed!

What about a stickerbombed pair?
Stickerbombed pair!
One for him and one for her!

One for him?
Sticker bombed roof!
Yes, a stickerbombed roof on this Aygo. However this stickerbomb is not what it seems: it is just a foil with stickerbomb print!

One for her?
It's a girls car!!
Oh yes, and it is a girls car!

Last but not least, a stickerbombed bucketseat:
Stickerbombed bucketseat

Found inside this Nissan Micra:
Flushed Nissan Micra
Yes, bomb is the word of this year!