Bombs, bombs and more bombs… WW10 was almost fully covered in stickerbombed cars. Last years latest trend is definitely going strong now!
First of all this Nissan Skyline R33 GT-R wing intrigued me:
When cheap stickerbombs...
Yes, that’s what happens if you use cheap stickers to bomb your GT-R wing. ;)

As a sidenote, it was a GT-R wing stuck to the bootlid of a GTS-25t:
Skyline GTS-t

Also this CRX Del Sol was combining several styles including the bomb:
Serious CRX del sol
Ratlook, slammed and stickerbombed!

What about a stickerbombed pair?
Stickerbombed pair!
One for him and one for her!

One for him?
Sticker bombed roof!
Yes, a stickerbombed roof on this Aygo. However this stickerbomb is not what it seems: it is just a foil with stickerbomb print!

One for her?
It's a girls car!!
Oh yes, and it is a girls car!

Last but not least, a stickerbombed bucketseat:
Stickerbombed bucketseat

Found inside this Nissan Micra:
Flushed Nissan Micra
Yes, bomb is the word of this year!