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Doubling down on the Nissan Prairie – Down on the Street

Ten years ago I posted a set of blue Nissan Prairie twins I encountered in my hometown in Down on the Street. I happened to see one of the pair occasionally, the latest encounter happened three years ago in 2021 at a petrol station. As I wrote a few months ago, I bring my daughter to school in a neighbouring town and I tend to explore the area to find quicker routes or to avoid traffic. On one such route, I was able to find the Prairie hideout!

Blue 1985 Nissan Prairie - encounter at a petrol station
Blue 1985 Nissan Prairie – encounter at a petrol station

Nissan Prairie and Stanza Wagon

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Nissan Micra that likes to Tango a March – Down on the Street

Apparently, ten years ago I was wrong about a particular Nissan Micra I found parked down on the street. Very wrong. The Micra in question featured a retro-styled front end and I thought, back then, it was some bodykit for the March in Japan.

Down on the Street: Nissan Micra Gogomobile

Apparently, it is a Nissan March Tango produced by Autech in 1996 and 1997! So how did I manage to finally identify this front end after 10 years? And what’s the Autech March Tango? Are there others as well? I’ll try to answer all these questions today but a follow up has to come soon!

Connecting the dots

When I was on a voice call with my friend in Japan Daniel O’Grady (Wasabi Cars) talking about his awesome Mitsuoka Ray, I briefly mentioned encountering this car over ten years ago. He asked me to send him a picture, which I did. Modern life is so convenient: While talking to each other over WhatsApp, I was able to search my blog, find the post in question and send the photos. When Daniel saw the Micra in question he told me it was a Tango, a March Tango. Boom! Mind blown!

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Down on the Street: Nissan Micra Gogomobile

This Nissan Micra K11 was literally down on my street: it was parked on the parkinglot across the street!
Down on the Street: Nissan Micra Gogomobile
My first reaction was: what the f*#K is that bodykit?
Then I realized it looked very familiar… A bit like a Mitsuoka or maybe a Riley or Wolseley? But later on I found out the grille is exactly the same shape as the one of a Glas Gogomobile TS250 Coupe!

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