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Dare to stand out: buy a Mitsuoka!

What JNC is so ugly that it is cute? That was basically JNC’s last weeks question of the week. I’d say anything that leaves the Mitsuoka factory. I’m reposting my comment because I think it is an answer that I have that deserves a bit more length than I gave it in the comment. Also […]

Friday Video: Mitsuoka BUBU 501 Ninja action

I wasn’t really aware of Mituoka’s past and assumed they started building kit-cars at first and then creating their own cars. Actually they did manufacture their own cars before that! May I introduce to you the BUBU Shuttle-50: The Shuttle-50 is probably the most boring “car” you ever have seen, but somehow Mitsuoka managed to […]

Ebay treasures: fancy a Mitsuoka taxi?

No this is not a product of an undiscovered British car brand with an exotic name: It is is also not the new London taxi built by a Chinese car manufacturer either… It actually is a product by Mitsuoka called the Galue and is based upon the Nissan Crew taxi! All Mitsuoka products are inspired […]

Nissan March K11 basics – March-athon

Earlier this week I kicked off the March-athon for the Nissan March K11 with the March Tango post. I guess I was a bit too enthusiastic after the Down on the Street post. Perhaps I should have calmly thought first about what would be the most logical starting point. In hindsight, I should have started […]

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