Remembering Japanese cars from the past

Ebay treasures: Mitsuoka’s View on Jaguar

Back in the late fifties Jaguar launched the Mark 2 as a medium sized saloon and it was an instant hit! The Mark 2 entry level engine already had an output of 120hp (cars with ten times less horses were still for sale back then!) and its top model, the 3.8 litre XK model, featured an output of 220hp. To put that into contrast: that is about as much as the Lexus IS250 outputs nowadays.

Imagine then the creation of this little lookalike:
Marktplaats Treasures: Mitsuoka Viewt
Yes from up front it really looks like a Jaguar Mark 2!

But from a different angle…
Marktplaats Treasures: Mitsuoka Viewt

And from the inside:
Marktplaats Treasures: Mitsuoka Viewt
Nothing Jaguarly to be found here: everything is plasticky and breathes Nissan Micra.

Marktplaats Treasures: Mitsuoka Viewt
I can imagine the whole Nissan Pikes retro car movement from the late 80s and early 90s, but those cars were actually made up cars and not lookalike cars like this Mitsuoka Viewt.

Still, in that very very very slim chance you are interested in buying one: this one is for sale.


  1. Tijs Lochbaum

    Too bad the price is so damn high… I would love this as a daily car. Imagine the looks you get :D

    • banpei

      I think you will get a lot of attention! ;)

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