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Picture of the week: Cutaway Toyota Soarer MZ12

Straight from a Toyota Soarer Super Gran Turismo MZ12 brochure this cutaway picture was scanned in a very high quality:
Toyota Soarer MZ12 cutaway picture
What I really like about this picture is the details in the 3 litre twin cam 6M-GE engine. Even though it was sold midst of Toyota’s twincam era it only featured two valves per cylinder. If you look close enough you can really see it clearly.

You can find the full size picture here: Toyota Soarer Super Gran Turismo MZ12 cutaway picture

Via MZ12GT

Your favorites: pick your Soarer Z10

An intriguing photo: at the left you can see a sharknosed kaido racer, next to it a kyusha kai on SSR Formula Mesh, next to that it looks like an almost unmolested track toy and on the far right a shakotan with an oil cooler on its chin spoiler.
Your favorite Soarer Z10
Four different styles and I’m wondering which one of these four Soarer Z10s would be your favorite?

Via Minkara

Brilliant: Soaring smokers

I found this brilliant ashtray on a blog about deep dished rims and I must say that the concept of uniting smokers with the 7M-GTE turbo engine of the Soarer MZ21 is a stoke of genius!
Soarer Super Turbo ashtray
Of course now 25 years later this ashtray has become a blast of the past…

Found at

Brilliant: Soarer lace seat covers

One of the things that is typically Japanese are the lace seat (or headrest) covers that you mostly see in Japanese taxis or luxury cars. Apparently Toyota sold OEM lace covers with the Soarer griffin logo embroided on them:
Soarer GZ10 with lace covers
This Soarer was photographed outside Gallery L who is renowned for restoring beautiful kyusha cars. The Soarer is the “lesser” 1G-GEU powered GZ10 model, so it doesn’t feature the smooth 5M or 6M engine however they did put some effort in it: it now features a five speed manual. That means you can really get the best out of that 140hp engine. :)

Here you can see embroided lace headrest covers up close: Continue reading

Family Album Treasures: just as old as dads Soarer!

For some reason you don’t see too many Soarers in the Family Album Treasures. I think the average Soarer owner is just too snobbish to stand in front of their Soarer. But this one is actually exceptionally good:
Just as old as dads GZ10 Soarer
I love the way the little girl on the right points out that her baby brother is just as old as dads GZ10 Soarer. ;)

Also note that this Soarer features the rare original Toyota (PIAA) foldaway foglights. The covers just fold upwards when you engage them and I seriously would loooove to get my hands on a set of them!

Found at Minkara

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