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Your favorites: pick your Soarer Z10

An intriguing photo: at the left you can see a sharknosed kaido racer, next to it a kyusha kai on SSR Formula Mesh, next to that it looks like an almost unmolested track toy and on the far right a shakotan with an oil cooler on its chin spoiler.
Your favorite Soarer Z10
Four different styles and I’m wondering which one of these four Soarer Z10s would be your favorite?

Via Minkara


  1. HachiRocker

    I can’t decide. I’d take any of them.

  2. K's Garage

    Sharknose soarer

  3. Tijs Lochbaum

    2nd one from the left, but with the sharknose and bumperlip of the first one :)

    • banpei

      Hehe… So a bit mix and match then. ;)

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