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Japanese Rustoseums: Kyusha Kai Toyota Mark II GX71 wagon

Seeing a custom car end up in a junkyard is a real shame, especially if it is a nice kyusha kai Toyota Mark II GX71 wagon like this example:
Japanese rustoseums: Kyusha Kai Toyota Mark II GX71 Wagon
The blue color with its pearlescent paint kind of gives it away as a real show car and when BANKAKUEMIKO moves around the car the tiny details make it more and more obvious: the flushed wagon hatch, the wire wheels on the rear seat, the custom vinyl wrapped trim, the xenon lights and most obvious the lengthened bonnet which fits it right into the kyusha kai, shakotan and/or kaido racer scene. (mixes them a bit)

You can watch the full video below: Continue reading

Your favorites: pick your Soarer Z10

An intriguing photo: at the left you can see a sharknosed kaido racer, next to it a kyusha kai on SSR Formula Mesh, next to that it looks like an almost unmolested track toy and on the far right a shakotan with an oil cooler on its chin spoiler.
Your favorite Soarer Z10
Four different styles and I’m wondering which one of these four Soarer Z10s would be your favorite?

Via Minkara

Carina Sightings: Red shakotan Carina AA63

What would look better than a pink shakotan Carina AA63? A red shakotan Carina AA63!
Red shakotan Carina AA63
Red shakotan Carina AA63

This one is even lower than the pink one and it features clear headlights, fender flares and deeeeeep dished rims!

On the rear we find even wider fender flares and a tsurikawa:
Red shakotan Carina AA63
Red shakotan Carina AA63

Unfortunately I only found these two pictures, so I can’t exactly determine the rims used on this Carina. They do feature the eight spoke RS Watanabe R-type design, but I can’t tell for sure…

Found at [MINI ? ? pleasant friends and we …]

Carina Sightings: pink shakotan Carina AA63

For my other blog Bosozoku Style I regularly visit various bosozoku style related sites. On AllJapanExpress I came across this pink shakotan Carina AA63:
Pink shakotan Carina AA63
Pink shakotan Carina AA63

Nicely lowered, overfenders and SSR Mk I rims at the rear. Just a few mods away from becoming a kaido racer! :)

I’m not sure what is worse on this Carina, the color or the bodywork:
Pink shakotan Carina AA63
Pink shakotan Carina AA63

Somehow I’m relieved this car did not have huge spoilers, oil coolers and a bamboo spears exhaust, but on the other hand it would have been fun to see such a thing. ;)

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