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Shakotan: How low can a Nissan Skyline DR30 go?

It has been a while since this link entered my linkdump, but it kept popping up now and then. Basically during a Skyline meetup this Skyline owner took a couple of pictures of this lowered Tekkamen Nissan Skyline DR30:
Shakotan Nissan Skyline R30
Shakotan is generally connected with zokusha and mad camber cars but actually it means low car

And this DR30 is certainly LOW:
Shakotan Nissan Skyline R30

How low?
Shakotan Nissan Skyline R30
Just low enough to see someone looking from the rear of the car… ;)

Found at:


  1. gred

    this would fit more on bosozokustyle ;)

    • banpei

      I know… And I have a lot of content that I can post over there but there is simply not enough time…

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