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Popular Bosozoku cars: Toyota Celica XX

As promised: this week we feature the Celica XX in the Popular Bosozoku Cars. 🙂

We kick off with a subtle Kyusha styled example:
Kyusha styled Toyota Celica XX
Kyusha styled Toyota Celica XX

The kouki Celica XX (facelifted second version) already featured fender flares on its own, but this car above has extended those flares extremely and added some sideskirts to it. Nice example of Kyusha style on the more modern cars if there were no fins on the hood and a large exhaust.

Shakotan styled Toyota Celica XX
Shakotan styled Toyota Celica XX

This Shakotan styled Toyota Celica XX had it all: extremely lowered to the ground, deep dish wheels still fitting in the original fenders and a big pipe sticking out from under the rear bumper! Note that the wing on the hatch is the factory spec upper spoiler for some of the zenki Celica XX (pre-facelift) models.

Bosozoku styled Toyota Celica XX
Bosozoku styled Toyota Celica XX

Everything is boso on this Bosozoku styled Toyota Celica XX: big lip on the front, single windshield wiper, wacky color, racing mirrors, extremely wide fenders and some diy sideskirts to stand on while parading through town!

Funny enough I could not find any racing replicas through all pictures I have of Bosozoku styled Celcia XXs. Eventhough the Celica XX did not feature the Super Silhouette formula, there were a lot of them racing around the world back in the early 80s and definitely it must have inspired some people to make replicas of them, just like the Granchan styling were replicas of the old Super Silhouette racers.

Factory stock kouki Toyota Celica XX
Factory stock kouki Toyota Celica XX

The first generation Celica XX (pronounced as “double X”) was a lengthened Celica A4 to fit the 2.6 liter 4M or the 2.0 liter 1M into the Celica. Basically the first generation Celica XX did not look much different from the normal Celica except it had a very long bonnet. Later spec Celica XX did receive the more powerful 2.8 liter 5M-E and IRS, which was top of the range.

The second generation Celica XX succeeded the first generation and featured a 2.0 liter 1M-T turbo as the basic engine, a naturally aspired 2.8 liter 5M-GE as the midrange with lots of torque and a high revving naturally aspired 2.0 liter 1G-GEU as top of the range. At the same time Toyota was also working together with Lotus on the MR2 and had a good idea: have Lotus do the suspension on the Supra and in exchange have Lotus reuse some of the parts for their own car lineup! (the Lotus Excel for instance shares the rims and gearbox)

Factory stock zenki Toyota Celica XX
Factory stock zenki Toyota Celica XX

As stated before: the major difference between the zenki and the kouki models were the extended fenders with the wellknown fender flares. This resulted in the second generation having smaller diameter rims: 14 inch instead of 15 inch!

After the second generation Celica XX it became renamed to Supra, which was the overseas name for the Celica XX, so it could be split from the newer FWD Celica range. The Supra (mk. III) remained the A platform and got the designation A7.

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What if: Initial D was drawn by Michiharu Kusunoki

Just imagine: what if Michiharu Kusunoki drew Initial D instead of Shakotan Boogie or Wangan Midnight?

Would Takumi and Bunta look like this?
Takumi and Bunta Bosozoku style with pompadour
I love the B?s?zoku looks of these two muggers and they look like they could be father and son. 😉

Or would we massively listen to Rockabilly instead of Eurobeat? I hope not!

And would Takumi have drifted an AE86 Trueno looking like this Shakotan Boogie Soarer?
Shakotan Boogie Toyota Soarer MK1 replica

Hopefully we will never know. 😉

Manga: Arthur Garage

Currently I’m at the AEU86 Meeting but because you may get bored I thought I’d share this manga I came accross this week: Arthur’s Garage (Sakuhin Arthur).

Arthur's Garage (Sakuhin Arthur) comic 1Arthur's Garage (Sakuhin Arthur) comic 2

The manga is about a garage owner called Arthur who sell used car and does a lot of shakotan cars. The manga started out underground but soon got published in Kodansha’s Young Magazine. Initial D was originally published in Young Magazine as well, so that’s a good start.

Arthur's Garage (Sakuhin Arthur) comic 4Arthur's Garage (Sakuhin Arthur) comic 5

I love the sight of this:
Arthur and the Hakosuka Skyline KPGC10

Not many people know it, but my first name is officially Arthur. 😉

Arthur and his buddy the mechanic

Can’t wait to lay my hands upon one of the issues. 🙂
Anyone knows where to buy them or get scantranslations??

How to fit stretched tires?

Ever wondered how they fit stretched tires on those fat 9, 10, 11 or 12 inch rims? Ever wondered how those wheels on the B?s?zoku, Kyusha Kai and Shakotan cars are done? I did after seeing this picture of the Carina Firevan:
Stretched tires on E-SA60 Carina Firevan, about as far as you can stretch them!

See for yourself here:

What happens is that the tire is only fitted on one side of the rim and the other side has a small (ahum) amount of space between the tire and the rim. The guy in the video applies brake cleaner on the rim (to ignite), just above and inside the tire. Then he lights it and the brake cleaner ignites and explodes inside the tire. This causes the air to expand and the tire to stretch. Due to the tire expanding it will tightly fit on the other side of the rim and you have a stretched tire. It is as simple as that! 🙂

Here you can see a better (and safer) how to:

(don’t mind the bad choice in music…)

So, now you know how to make your car look Shakotan. 😉

And be careful… You don’t want to end up like this:

I know I promised to give a follow up on the AE86 cupracer in the Car feature, but writing that piece takes a bit longer than I thought. I’ll try to finish it later this week.

Carina sightings: the famous Carina firevan part 2

Just found the profile of the owner of the third Carina Van (the black one) in this picture:
Carina Firevan next to other Carina vans
So more about that black Carina Van in a later Carina sighting. 😉
I also found out all three Carinas are indeed all vans! I noticed the front bumpers having their indicator lights inside the bumper! That was only delivered to the Carina Van, so all of them must be vans! I corrected this in the other topic as well.

About the Firevan: I found in the profile of that third owner some photos and additional descriptions of the Firevan!! 🙂

3SGE closeup of the SA60 Carina Firevan

3SG & 6-speed mission
Butterfly throttle until you rub
It is good spell of engine

Don’t mind the spelling of this Google translation, but I think the message is clear: 3SGE with ITB and 6 speed transmission.

And ever wondered how stretched those tires are? Or actually how far you can stretch tires?
Stretched tires on E-SA60 Carina Firevan, about as far as you can stretch them!
That’s how it looks if you put a 155 wide tire on a 9J rim! That’s real Shakotan! 😉

Anyone got more pictures of the Firevan for Part 3? 😛

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