Just found the profile of the owner of the third Carina Van (the black one) in this picture:
Carina Firevan next to other Carina vans
So more about that black Carina Van in a later Carina sighting. ;)
I also found out all three Carinas are indeed all vans! I noticed the front bumpers having their indicator lights inside the bumper! That was only delivered to the Carina Van, so all of them must be vans! I corrected this in the other topic as well.

About the Firevan: I found in the profile of that third owner some photos and additional descriptions of the Firevan!! :)

3SGE closeup of the SA60 Carina Firevan

3SG & 6-speed mission
Butterfly throttle until you rub
It is good spell of engine

Don’t mind the spelling of this Google translation, but I think the message is clear: 3SGE with ITB and 6 speed transmission.

And ever wondered how stretched those tires are? Or actually how far you can stretch tires?
Stretched tires on E-SA60 Carina Firevan, about as far as you can stretch them!
That’s how it looks if you put a 155 wide tire on a 9J rim! That’s real Shakotan! ;)

Anyone got more pictures of the Firevan for Part 3? :P