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Carina Sightings: Carina Surf

I’m not a fan of the rims on this Carina, but as you can see it is an original Carina Surf: Original Carina Surf The Carina Surf was part of the original Carina lineup and seperate from the Van line-up. It did feature the live axle we know of the other vans (and non-IRS Carinas)…

Carina sightings: the famous Carina firevan part 2

Just found the profile of the owner of the third Carina Van (the black one) in this picture: So more about that black Carina Van in a later Carina sighting. 😉 I also found out all three Carinas are indeed all vans! I noticed the front bumpers having their indicator lights inside the bumper! That…

Carina sightings: the famous Carina firevan

I still haven’t found the owner of the famous Carina firevan, however I thought I finally should add this great car to the sightings after I found these pictures on TurboDude’s gallery at Photobucket: