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Carina sightings: the famous Carina firevan part 3

By chance I stumbled upon a picture of the famous Carina firevan and by chance I looked if the source of the picture also had more pictures of the car.
SA60 Carina firevan on a expressway
SA60 Carina firevan on a expressway

Lucky enough the source did: it also featured a short video of the firevan starting its Beams 3SGE engine, so you can now listen to that orchestra of 4 trumpets!

The owner is playing some nice music! :D

SA60 Carina firevan at car meeting
SA60 Carina firevan at car meeting

This picture is shot at the same meeting as the first picture of my first posting about the firevan. The pattern of the water is the same and probably the rain stopped after a while and things dried up after that. ;)

SA60 Carina firevan in the rain
SA60 Carina firevan in the rain

I have no idea why this picture was taken… Maybe these three pictures and video belong to a bigger set of pictures taken at a car meeting?

You can find the other two postings about the firevan here:
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Carina sightings: the famous Carina firevan part 2

Just found the profile of the owner of the third Carina Van (the black one) in this picture:
Carina Firevan next to other Carina vans
So more about that black Carina Van in a later Carina sighting. ;)
I also found out all three Carinas are indeed all vans! I noticed the front bumpers having their indicator lights inside the bumper! That was only delivered to the Carina Van, so all of them must be vans! I corrected this in the other topic as well.

About the Firevan: I found in the profile of that third owner some photos and additional descriptions of the Firevan!! :)

3SGE closeup of the SA60 Carina Firevan

3SG & 6-speed mission
Butterfly throttle until you rub
It is good spell of engine

Don’t mind the spelling of this Google translation, but I think the message is clear: 3SGE with ITB and 6 speed transmission.

And ever wondered how stretched those tires are? Or actually how far you can stretch tires?
Stretched tires on E-SA60 Carina Firevan, about as far as you can stretch them!
That’s how it looks if you put a 155 wide tire on a 9J rim! That’s real Shakotan! ;)

Anyone got more pictures of the Firevan for Part 3? :P

Carina sightings: the famous Carina firevan

I still haven’t found the owner of the famous Carina firevan, however I thought I finally should add this great car to the sightings after I found these pictures on TurboDude’s gallery at Photobucket:
SA60 Carina Wagon
ITBs on Carina Wagon by

As you can see these two pictures were taken individually, but both of them are stunning! You can clearly see that the car is featuring a 3S-GE with ITBs. From what I heard that engine is perfect for lightweight cars, like the AE86 or this SA60.

I suspect the car started its life as a SA60 Carina Surf and not a A67 Carina van as believed earlier. edited: The car probably started its life as a SG67 van. The front indicator lights are inside the bumper and that’s only applied to the van and not to the surf. It would be far more easier to swap the 1S for a 3S-GE. And the round lights from the Carina A67 van could be swapped just as easy later on.

Here you can see a picture I’ve posted earlier:
Carina Firevan next to other Carina surfs
The firevan next to two other Surfs. Compared to them it is really low! A really nice example of a car in Shakotan style, and not too distorted to be referred as Kyusha Kai or B?s?zoku. Lovely stretched tires on the first picture, and even more stretched on the other two. :)

Second picture is courtesy of You can find more pictures from him here:
Mooneyes Street Car Nationals  (210 of 321)

Anyone got an idea where to find more pictures of the set which features the first set?

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