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Carina sightings: the famous Carina firevan part 3

By chance I stumbled upon a picture of the famous Carina firevan and by chance I looked if the source of the picture also had more pictures of the car.
SA60 Carina firevan on a expressway
SA60 Carina firevan on a expressway

Lucky enough the source did: it also featured a short video of the firevan starting its Beams 3SGE engine, so you can now listen to that orchestra of 4 trumpets!

The owner is playing some nice music! :D

SA60 Carina firevan at car meeting
SA60 Carina firevan at car meeting

This picture is shot at the same meeting as the first picture of my first posting about the firevan. The pattern of the water is the same and probably the rain stopped after a while and things dried up after that. ;)

SA60 Carina firevan in the rain
SA60 Carina firevan in the rain

I have no idea why this picture was taken… Maybe these three pictures and video belong to a bigger set of pictures taken at a car meeting?

You can find the other two postings about the firevan here:
Carina firevan Part 1
Carina firevan Part 2


  1. Stuyizz

    Hi, Glad you like the video, I took it at “HotOlds 2007” held at Shizuoka stadium whilst Holidaying in Japan with a good friend of mine, If you send me an email I’ll let you have my photobucket details for some more Did you know? that if you look at the inside of the load area you’ll just be able to make out the origional “saddle” fuel bag mounted inside which was moved to make way for the IRS rear clip that has been installed. very cool car and a Very, Very cool show.
    BTW, I’m also the Owner of the Silver Sapporo you’ve posted pictures of in an earlier blog, the first and third pictures are actualy the same car and ignoring the JDM plate it’s a U.K car.

  2. RA64FREDDY!

    Loving the cars man..keep up the good work…add me to ur blogroll!!!!!

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