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Family Album Treasures: Hayashi Streeted Carina GT-TR

It has been a while since I posted a Family Album Treasure and to be honest, this one does not meet my own definition of one (owner needs to be on the picture as well) but if you look at the picture it actually is:
Family Album Treasures: Carina GT-TR coupe TA63
A photo taken of a photo of a car should meet the requirements, right? ;)

Anyway, this TA63 Toyota Carina GT-TR coupe has been modified a bit somewhere in the 90s. It sits on a pair of dished Hayashi Street rims up front, a pair of (what looks like) dished 3 piece SSR mesh and at the front it received a lip from an AE86 or AE92. Also something odd is to be seen with the front bumper, but that could have been damage that has been repaired.

At the rear a small spoiler has been added: Continue reading

Your favorites: pick your Soarer Z10

An intriguing photo: at the left you can see a sharknosed kaido racer, next to it a kyusha kai on SSR Formula Mesh, next to that it looks like an almost unmolested track toy and on the far right a shakotan with an oil cooler on its chin spoiler.
Your favorite Soarer Z10
Four different styles and I’m wondering which one of these four Soarer Z10s would be your favorite?

Via Minkara

Carina Sightings: Flyrat SR20DET Carina TA63

Back in September 1982 the 3T-GTE powered Carina TA63 succeeded the 18R-G powered RA63 and during the whole production run this Carina was considered as the top of the line. The 3T-GTE propelled the Carina into almost supercar-like performance!
Flyrat SR20DET Carina TA63
Nowadays the 160hp 3T-GTE performance resembles more like the average 1.8 litre engine in your Ford Focus wagon and I can really understand this TA63 was in need for a new and better performing engine.

Not so great for the Toyota purists, but the previous owner swapped out the 3T-GTE for a Nissan SR20DET: Continue reading

Carina Sightings: Carina GT-TR Dream Super Sport

Now this is the way I’d like to see people remember their Carinas: calling the Carina GT-TR a Dream Super Sport is a great homage to such a great car!
Carina TA63 dream super sport
Carina TA63 dream super sport

The Carina is, at first glance, bone stock except for the smoked tail-lights, SSR Formula mesh wheels and the Italvolanti Admiral steering wheel.

And I love how the owner refers to his Carina: (the) one who taught me the fun of driving

Found at [Nakanaka]

Carina Sightings: Formula Meshed Carina AA63 GT-R

This is exactly what I would like my Carina to look like: a lowered AA63 with deep dish SSR Formula Mesh rims and a big front air dam!
Carina AA63 GT-R on SSR Formula Mesh
Carina AA63 GT-R on SSR Formula Mesh

The rims alone would set me back another 1500 euros, so I think it will be dreaming/drooling on this picture for the upcoming years… ;)

On the rear the kouki tail lights and a double exhaust tip:
Carina AA63 GT-R on SSR Formula Mesh
Carina AA63 GT-R on SSR Formula Mesh

And most interesting is this GT-R badge:
Carina AA63 GT-R on SSR Formula Mesh
Carina AA63 GT-R on SSR Formula Mesh

A red R, just as it is done on the Nissan GT-R logos. Might be an option to paint my own GT-TR badge as well. But what color should I choose for the T then?

Found at [Godsigma_2050]

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