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DOTS: Subaru Impreza WRX dumpster

I can imagine a Subaru Impreza WRX GD wagon makes a perfect family car for the wannabe street racer, but utilizing it as a dumpster??
Subaru Impreza GD WRX wagon
Well dumpster may be a bit exaggerated, but it was used yesterday to haul stuff in a trailer to the local dump. And even worse: it is owned by a posh looking bloke.
Then again: I used my almost-classic-Carina in a similar fashion. ;)

DOTS: 1983 Honda Accord DX

I saw this three door Accord hatchback a few weeks ago while biking my son to school. I only saw it once and last Friday I finally saw it a second time. I managed to take a quick snap with the phonecam and after I dropped off my son and came back for some decent photos it had gone. So I only have one half decent photo to share:
1983 silver Honda Accord DX
According to the Dutch license registration the Accord was first registered in May 1983, has the 1.6 liter engine converted to LPG and it was imported to the Netherlands in 2008.

It is a bit hard to see from this angle, but given the size and lines of the car it must have been a competitor for the Carina A60 coupe in the early 80s.

DOTS: out of placed EVO VI

I spotted this Mitsubishi Lancer EVO VI in the parkinglot of a biological apple orchard. I already thought before going there me and my not so environmentally friendly 29 year old Carina were a bit out of place (especially after driving 40 kilometers to the orchard), but the Lancer was definitely more out of place here!
Mitsubishi Lancer CP9A
Still wonder how weird sight it must have been: the owner loading up a few kilos of biological and environmentally friendly apples in his EVO VI. XD

DOTS: Stickerbombed Suzuki Alto

Most of the stickerbombed cars are worth being stickerbombed… Somehow this fourth generation (third for the Netherlands) Suzuki Alto fits in that category…
Stickerbombed Suzuki Alto
It is not the looks, but more the added looks that make it fit with this Alto: it is clearly a daily clunker and who cares about looks? Clearly the owner does! ;)

DOTS: Miata hunting (part nineteen) plus bonus

After two Miataless months I thought it would be and excellent time to post up something I snapshotted half a year ago when I was at the Santa Clara conference hall. A USDM Miata had been parked at the conference parkinglot and while I was searching my bag for my HTC phonecam a white Celica RA42 parked right next to it! Yes, the Celica was indeed driven by a disabled person and it did have an automatic transmission.
USDM Miata and bonus Celica RA42
If you look at the Celica and Miata and compare it against the other two behemoths next to them you realize these two cars are very very un-American. ;)

When I walked around to take a snapshot up front the Miata owner returned left, so all in all I just had about one minute of luck to take the above snapshot. This is how the Celica looks up front: Continue reading

DOTS: Retro imported Nissan Figaro

Since the Nissan Figaro (just like the Pao and Be-1) was delivered in Japan only it is very uncommon to see anywhere outside Japan. So I was a bit surprised to see one while I was on my way to the local gardencenter (yes, really I do have a garden!)
Retro import: Nissan Figaro
I kind of prodded my imaginary passenger to take some pictures while driving behind it, hence the quality is not entirely as it should be…

After a few kilometers I had to say goodbye to it: Continue reading

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