DOTS: Retro imported Nissan Figaro

Since the Nissan Figaro (just like the Pao and Be-1) was delivered in Japan only it is very uncommon to see anywhere outside Japan. So I was a bit surprised to see one while I was on my way to the local gardencenter (yes, really I do have a garden!)
Retro import: Nissan Figaro
I kind of prodded my imaginary passenger to take some pictures while driving behind it, hence the quality is not entirely as it should be…

After a few kilometers I had to say goodbye to it:
Retro import: Nissan Figaro
During the past few years more of these cars were imported in the Netherlands and I just opened up Marktplaats to see if there is one for sale. I think the craze has picked up by now: I saw 7 Figaro advertisements (some had multiple for sale!) and one Pao advertisement (tempting!!!) so they are becoming as ubiquitous as the Miata/MX5 this way. 😉