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DOTS: Retro imported Nissan Figaro

Since the Nissan Figaro (just like the Pao and Be-1) was delivered in Japan only it is very uncommon to see anywhere outside Japan. So I was a bit surprised to see one while I was on my way to the local gardencenter (yes, really I do have a garden!)
Retro import: Nissan Figaro
I kind of prodded my imaginary passenger to take some pictures while driving behind it, hence the quality is not entirely as it should be…

After a few kilometers I had to say goodbye to it:
Retro import: Nissan Figaro
During the past few years more of these cars were imported in the Netherlands and I just opened up Marktplaats to see if there is one for sale. I think the craze has picked up by now: I saw 7 Figaro advertisements (some had multiple for sale!) and one Pao advertisement (tempting!!!) so they are becoming as ubiquitous as the Miata/MX5 this way. ;)


  1. B-san

    Yea they are great Retro cars and a not very common sight. They are quite a few imported during the last years indeed. There is a lime-green one in my town aswell. Sadly enough there still is a lack of Pao’s in the country though a Classic VW-importer named “Kieft & Klok” has a few for sale.

    • banpei

      That’s only 70 kilometers away from my house… That’s so close I really have to visit them!

      • B-san

        That would be awesome! I also have to visit kieft & klok one day. Cause besides the fact im a sucker for Japanese cars I also have a huge weakspot for classic VW vans which they have ALLOT. ^^

  2. Roley

    Yeah Figaro’s are cute! Natasja Froger and Lauren Verster also own one!

  3. ed

    I Have a pale aqua ( babybleu) Figaro for 2 years now, and it is a great car to own. It is all original with small minor dents in the doors of other cardoor jammers.They are really great to drive, the 1ltr turbo can keep up with nowaday’s traffic. All white leather, airco, automatic 3speed , cabrio top and special designed radio/cd player/ cassete player.
    One negative point: no quick visit possible at the supermarket because people always are asking what car it is.
    O another point, taking out parking tickets with a right hand driven car is a challenge.

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