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Family Album Treasures: Parkinglot Skyline and Levin

What would be the chance of seeing this Skyline DR30 and Levin AE86 combination in a random parkinglot outside Japan? Nowadays it is not a big problem when you’re attending a Japanese car oriented parkinglot meeting, but what about the chance if it were 17 years ago as well?
Family Album Treasures: Parkinglot Skyline DR30 and Levin AE86
Well in Japan the odds are a lot better and I don’t even think the owner of this DR30 would actually have noticed the little Levin AE86 at all!

Found at [Kurifuba tons page]


  1. Fujimoto

    don’t forget the two AE92 Sedan at the reat left of the Skyline ! a classic to my eyes ! the best FF Corolla’s Toyota ever built !

  2. banpei

    I totally agree on that: they are great cars. Only a shame the sedans never got the 4AGZE…
    Also they are quite ubiquitous in the world, so it would miss my point there…

    • Fujimoto

      the most important thing is that YOU know in you heart that they are great cars ! personnaly i love it , i have so much fun with mine , and nobody in my region is having one and planning to do a monster with so it will be a very unique monster !

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