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Down on the Street: Datsun 240Z Rally car

How often do you encounter a rally car parked down on the street? I guess almost next to none. So how about encountering a Datsun 240Z rally car then?
Datsun 240Z Rally car
On my way home from doing groceries I spotted this 240Z immediately. It was parked next to the local Japanese teppanyaki restaurant, so I stopped by to take a couple of pictures. Unfortunately I only had my phone with me and to make things worse: it was the elcheapo one too. So these 640×480 pictures are the best I can offer… :(

Anyway, I got closer and noticed the 240Z was actually a rally car. Just look at the interior:
Datsun 240Z Rally car
Equipment for timing and navigation and also the necessary stickers of the sponsors. The second sticker on the front fender actually was sponsored by the teppanyaki restaurant it was parked next to, so being there was no coincidence.

The 240Z was first registered in June 1971, but only imported into the Netherlands in 2003. No idea where from but it must have been a good country since I couldn’t find a spec of rust on its original paint.

Too bad the picture quality of my phone is so bad I can’t even make out the names of the drivers, so I’ll drop by the restaurant later this week to see if I can track them down. ;)

Down on the Street: first generation Honda Prelude

Yesterday was a very fortunate day for me: I walked through my old neighborhood and spotted a Honda Prelude, a special Nissan Vanette, Honda S2000 and a Skyline ER33 GT-S only within ten minutes time! Obviously I did take pictures of all of them, so here is the first generation Prelude:
Honda Prelude mk1
The funny thing is that around when I moved houses this Prelude appeared in the parkinglot four houses away from me. Apparently the owner still lives there. ;)

DOTS: Real Mistubishi Lancer Evolution!

Mitsubishi assigned a number to each evolution of the Lancer rally car with four wheel drive and a 4G63T engine (after 2008 the 4B11T), so the EVO VI would actually be the sixth evolution of the Mitsubishi Lancer rally car.

I found this seventh generation Lancer powered by the 1.3 4G13 parked around the corner earlier this summer but never actually placed the pictures here.
Real Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution!
However the time is right: as you can see this Lancer isn’t ready yet. It only had some striping, vinyl cut banner and some alloys distinguish it from how it looked when it left the factory.

Last Saturday I thought I spotted an actual EVO but found to be surprised it was the same car! I followed it and managed to take a snapshot of it while taking a roundabout: Continue reading

DOTS: Miata hunting (part twentyone)

Normally I only spot a Miata once every two weeks. Sometimes I’m lucky and spot two in the same week. Sometimes I’m even luckier and I spot two on the same day. So how lucky was I this week when I spotted these two Mazda MX5 NAs behind each other at the traffic light?
Spotting two Miatas at the same time
Actually only the top one is a MX5 because the silver NA below the red NA is an imported USDM Miata.

DOTS: bright white Daihatsu Copen

Even though the Daihatsu Copen is currently still in the showrooms as a brand new car (available till 31st January 2013) it is actually a very rare sight in the Netherlands. Daihatsu’s mix and match of the VW Beetle and the Nissan Figaro suffers from an image problem that perhaps has something to do with some TV presenter? Or could it be something else?
Daihatsu Copen
Only two have been sold in the Netherlands in 2010, but this example is from a far more popular year: 2006 when an astonishing 112 were sold!

I must say that the mini Beetle lookalike looks better from the rear than the front. Continue reading

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