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Live manga @ ABC Amsterdam!

November 4, 2007 in live manga by banpei

Yesterday I was looking for new shoes in the center and I just passed by the ABC. All windows were covered with beautiful manga drawings!
ai madonna, photo mady by Kahless

She is a live Manga performer which, as I understood, is somehow drawing them as a performance. More or less art and all her works are either paintings or painted clothes. Kahless described it as manga graffiti.

When I spoke to Kahless and it turned out to be a quickly planned visit to Amsterdam and he was asked to be their translator. They tried to get her exposing in the Stedelijk but they already were occupied with other “short exhibitions”

Too bad I was on a limit time frame: only half an hour to get to the other store of Fred de la Bretonnerie to buy the shoes I wanted so I could only look at everything in a few minutes. Would have loved to stick around and perhaps have a short chat. πŸ™

To see more of her work, look here:

And see here for the pictures made by Kahless:

by banpei

2 Toyota AE86s vs Nissan R34

October 21, 2007 in keiichi tsuchiya by banpei

I posted this video a few days back on AEU86, but in my opinion the video is misunderstood.

2 Toyota AE86s vs Nissan R34:

In this video featuring Keiichi Tsuchiya and Manabu Orido taking on a “nerd” in a Nissan Skyline GTR-34. Ofcourse the two hachis win and making the piss out of the GTR. Often this is directly translated into the Hachi still being capable of beating other cars.

In my opinion this interpretation is wrong. First of all the two hachis have been modified a lot (165hp and 200hp) and drive against a bone stock GTR. Don’t forget Keiichi had over 15 years of experience with the hachi-roku when that video was shot. He modified his 165hp hachi to the max, giving him the optimal advantage.

Then both Keiichi and Orido are very experienced AE86 drivers and know the car pretty well. This against a total inexperienced GTR driver is like stealing candy from a baby. To illustrate how experienced Keiichi is: Orido can’t even pass him with a 35hp difference. Then take in mind how Keiichi drove with a R32 in the past and draw your conclusion: the driver of the R34 just sucks.

In my opinion this is also the conclusion of the video in Japanese. The “nerd” boasting about his R34 and Keiichi and Orido showing him that even if you pick the fastest car you’re nothing without skill

by banpei

Check the bonnet and bling!

October 19, 2007 in 4agze by banpei

Mux just sent me these two beauties:
Check the bonnet!

I know what you’re thinking… That bonnet… That scoop… It must feature atleast a 4agze! Nope, it features a bone stock 4AC!
Read the specs here

Check the bling hachi

Amazing. I never thought 17 inch wheels would have fitted the stock fenders without widening the arches, like for instance Big Yin’s car had. These tires must really be rubbing the inside of the fenders!
Other pictures can be found here.

That’s all hachi bashing for today. πŸ˜‰

by banpei

What rims to choose for the Carina?

October 19, 2007 in rims by banpei

I thought I finally made up my mind, but unfortunately I’m doubting again…

The story started when I just bought my TA60 Carina and The Doctor (user on AEU86) offered me some retro 13 inch OZ wheels. They looked fantastic, however when I put them under the Carina I noticed that the only way they would look nice would be if I lowered the car at least 5cm…
13inch retro OZ rims
Then I spotted some advert on Markplaats offering 15 inch Zenki (early type) Celica Supra wheels. These wheels are 6J with an offset of 20 and would nicely fit under the Carina. However Robokill (another user on AEU86) was in need of 15 inch Celica Supra wheels because his 14 inch don’t fit around the RX7 FC calipers he’s going to use on his AE86 racer.
15 inch Celica Supra rims
Now Joe sells 3 sets (3 sets!!!) of Wantanabes!
14inch Wantanabe
If I only had the money… πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™

Perhaps selling the Celica Supra rims to some Japanese ricer will make enough money. πŸ˜‰

by banpei

Megadik blog

October 19, 2007 in blog by banpei

Some time ago I started the Megadik blog together with my Colleague Michiel.

Every morning Michiel and I were sending spam messages through our IM clients (MSN Live Messenger blocks after a while, so we continued in Skype or Spark (jabber client). However we kept seeing various spam e-mails more than once, only with a slight difference. So we thought it would be best to keep them on a blog. Main purpose of the blog was to make the spam we receive rediculous.

We don’t have many visitors yet, but that will come in due time. πŸ˜‰

by banpei

Hello world?

October 8, 2007 in Uncategorized by banpei

The first entry isn’t about the “Hello World” you think it is about!
It is all about the stupid “Hello World” cd sent to me by the government. With complements of the minister of Youth and Family AndrΓ© Rouvoet it said.
Well, I don’t know if you know that minister, but I honestly wouldn’t receive complements from that righteous seeking conservative christian (pronounced with a g!). They actually spent money on sending me a cd containing a song for my child. If I actually put the cd inside my computer it is supposed to give me some hints and directs me to some stupid website.

Duh… If they would have sent me the url directly they wouldn’t have to spend millions on pressing those cds, paying rights for the songs (otherwise Brein will complain) and of course send the whole package to every newborn child and his/her parents.

Of course I did the most sensible thing to do: threw the whole thing in the trashbin. If I wouldn’t do that it probably would hound me for the rest of my life…