I watched the first 7 minutes of Initial D Extra Stage 2 Japanese raw I found somewhere on the net.

First impression: nice cartoony graphics during the intro. :)
Second impression: too bad they didn’t continue with that during the rest of the episode. :(

So far it looks like Mako is missing Iketani and the Akina Speedstars decide to take a drive up Mount Akina. Nothing much happening so far:
Initial D Extra Stage 2 screenshot of Takumi's Corolla Levin AE86, Itsuki's Corolla Levin AE85, Iketani's Silvia S13 and Kenji's 180SX RPS13
What I like is usage of the split screen graphics, just like in the episodes in Stage 4. The screenshot above of the four different Akina Speedstars cars (Takumi’s Corolla Levin AE86, Itsuki’s Corolla Levin AE85, Iketani’s Silvia S13 and Kenji’s 180SX RPS13) show nice usage of this. Hopefully this will also feature more during the battles. :)

Overall I think the quality of the graphics is as good as we saw in Stage 4. I actually did expect it to be another improvement as we saw during Stage 4. Music was again by Move and the soundtrack sounded catchy and not too Eurobeat.

Can’t wait to watch the rest of the movie! :)