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Watched Initial D Extra Stage 2 part 1

I watched the first 7 minutes of Initial D Extra Stage 2 Japanese raw I found somewhere on the net.

First impression: nice cartoony graphics during the intro. :)
Second impression: too bad they didn’t continue with that during the rest of the episode. :(

So far it looks like Mako is missing Iketani and the Akina Speedstars decide to take a drive up Mount Akina. Nothing much happening so far:
Initial D Extra Stage 2 screenshot of Takumi's Corolla Levin AE86, Itsuki's Corolla Levin AE85, Iketani's Silvia S13 and Kenji's 180SX RPS13
What I like is usage of the split screen graphics, just like in the episodes in Stage 4. The screenshot above of the four different Akina Speedstars cars (Takumi’s Corolla Levin AE86, Itsuki’s Corolla Levin AE85, Iketani’s Silvia S13 and Kenji’s 180SX RPS13) show nice usage of this. Hopefully this will also feature more during the battles. :)

Overall I think the quality of the graphics is as good as we saw in Stage 4. I actually did expect it to be another improvement as we saw during Stage 4. Music was again by Move and the soundtrack sounded catchy and not too Eurobeat.

Can’t wait to watch the rest of the movie! :)

Initial D Extra Stage 2 available

Today it’s exactly 9 years since Initial D Second Stage aired on Fuji TV! It made me think about that I read some time ago that Initial D Extra Stage 2 was coming soon. I totally forgot about it!! I went to the site of Avex Mode and saw it is for sale on 5th of december! :)

So, I dug a bit deeper and found out that it was announced to be aired on 3rd of october already. So that means I’ve missed it!!

Initial D Extra Stage 2 with Mako and Iketani in front of the Nissan Sil80

At least I got the trailer from the Avex Mode website:

Small spoiler: it features Mako and Sayuki again (and the Nissan Sil80), just like in the first Extra Stage, who will be racing a Black Altezza (probably a RS200). As you can see in the image above the video Iketani features this special and my best guess is that he goofs up again! This all should take place around the time that Takumi and Project D take on the Todou Juku racing school, so Mako and Sayuki should have improved their skills. ;)

A lot better to see the original flv than the resized versions on Youtube and Streetfire. ;)

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