Naturally the best serialnumber on an AE86 would be AE86-0000086. Probably these low numbers used to be press cars and other promotional cars, so not much chance of finding these. However, the next best number would be AE86-0008686! And guess what, someone found it for sale eight years ago!

AE86 with serial AE86-0008686
AE86 with serial AE86-0008686

The firewall plate information

What can we learn from this firewall plate? First of all, it was produced at the Tahara plant in July 1983. I know this because I created a search function on AEU86 to find out when your AE86 was built. The second thing we can learn a lot from the model code. This is originally a Levin as the model code starts with E. The C (Coupe) makes it a three-door hatchback. The M a manual gearbox, the V (Luxury Sports) a GT Apex and F (Twincam EFI) a 4A-GE powered car.

But we can learn much more! Color code is 2N2, which is zenki panda white. Trim code is FP32, which stands for velours maroon interior. Transmission and axle are T50 and T282. The latter means it has a 4.3 final drive ratio and non-LSD differential. The plant is A52, but we already were able to extract that from the serial number.

AE86 with serial AE86-0008686 is a panda white Trueno  GT Apex AE86
AE86 with serial AE86-0008686 is a panda white Levin GT Apex AE86

Reality is kicking in

As you can see the outside is no longer panda white. It’s no longer a Levin, but instead it has been Trueno-ized. It also has received widened fenders which dwarf the Hoshino Impul G5 rims! Judging from the side skirts probably the whole car got a Run Free kit installed. The driver seat has been replaced by a bucket seat, while the passenger seat is a kouki seat. Also a half-cage can be seen, so it definitely has been modified a lot.

It was for sale eight years ago and according to the source, the engine also has been swapped for a 4A-GZE supercharged engine. The engine had an EGR-delete treatment, so it might no longer be able to pass shaken. Not that a car in this state would be able to pass shaken easily.


Strangely enough, all early brochures and pricelists don’t list the panda white paint as an option for the AE86. Only in March 1984, it was first shown in the Levin brochure as a two-door Levin GT Apex. I was confused by this at first as the Fujiwara Tofu Ten is an early panda white GT Apex. If this wasn’t available as an option, had Suichi Shigeno made an error? Early Truenos can be repainted in panda white, so seeing an early car isn’t a reliable source. Luckily I found this car, where its firewall ID plate proves panda white cars were indeed available from the start!