Carina Sightings: Carina CA67V in Garagem do Bellote

Carina Sightings: Brazilian Carina CA67V

If you expected the JDM Trivia #3: I’m sorry but this week was one where I stressed out too much and I simply haven’t had the time to narrate the JDM Trivia #3 yet. Will come in a couple of days… 😉
So instead I have found something way better: the only Toyota Carina CA67V in Brazil just got featured by Jason Torchinsky’s Brazilian counterpart who is named Renato Bellote:
Carina Sightings: Carina CA67V Garagem do Bellote
It is great to see someone bought it who appreciates it, added JDM fender mirrors, the Japanese rising sun on the fuel filler cap, a set of deep dished Centerline rims and a set of mudflaps. I think the (new) owner is actually driving the Carina at 8:05 in the video.

Garagem do Bellote

Even though my stepmother is Brazilian I can’t understand the language very well. To be honest: I understand more from the average Japanese Best Motoring video than all the things Renato Bellote said about this Toyota Carina CA67V van. What I do get is that the shows name Garagem do Bellote means Bellote’s Garage.


You can watch the video below:

I think I got it

I watched the entire video and from the fragemnts that I saw I kind of expect most of it to be like hey the indicator- and light-stalks are on the wrong side of the steering column and uphill the 1C diesel engine is quite powerful compared to a gasoline engine and This Carina CA67V was imported by a Japanese diplomat so there really is only one in the whole of Brazil!.
Now if you happen to be Brazilian, please let me know how far off I was. 😉

And since it is a Toyota Carina van and my father used to own one: I’m in love with it!

Direct link to video: Garagem do Bellote TV: Toyota Carina (diesel, JDM)