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Carina Sightings: the only Carina in Brazil!

Last week Tulio Inoue contacted me that he found the only Carina in Brazil. Of course I was anxious, opened the link and found this beautiful Carina Van SG:
Carina van SG diesel in Brazil
This Carina only travelled 120000 kilometers so far and is almost like new!

Tulio told me this is most probably the only Carina in Brazil as up till the 90s import cars were forbidden unless you were a diplomat and imported the car yourself. Probably a Japanese diplomat imported this car, perhaps as a vehicle for the embassy?

The interior still looks immaculate after 26 years:
Carina van SG diesel in Brazil
Which can be expected from a car that is only halfway of its lifespan.

Carina van SG diesel in Brazil
A little sidenote: the interior and dash is an exact mirror of the interior in my Carina! Even the gauges of the dash are mirrored and only the warning lights are an exception to this.

Carina van SG diesel in Brazil
The engine is the trusty 1C diesel engine. Back in 1981 it was a revolutionary design and praised for its effectiveness and consumption. Compared to the older 2.4 litre 2L engine (featured in the Crown) it performed almost equal with half a litre capacity less!

Carina van SG diesel in Brazil

Carina van SG diesel in Brazil
In the advertisement I followed the link to the garage on Google maps, switched to Google Streetview and was surprised to find it parked in front of the garage on Streetview as well!

There is only one drawback of this Carina: it is prices 50000 Real which roughly adds up to 25000 US dollar! If you are still interested, this is the auction link: Carina Van SG diesel

Big thanks to Thulio for sharing this!


  1. Eric Ah Lien

    That is cool, it is exactly like mine in NZ but minter and blue :)

  2. Nakai,SZH

    This is an estate model, but there also was a saloon model for use as Taxi in Japan,Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau & Pakistan,in the early 1990’s. There still are many in good running condition in Pakistan.

    • banpei

      Actually the saloon model is not the same as the taxi’s you are referring to: the taxi model was based on the sister model Corona T140 that shared the same front as this wagon. See also here:

  3. U.E.G.Dayarathna

    I need to buy carina KA67 parts.

  4. Junior Silverio

    hello friends.
    My name is Junior and I am the owner of Carina. 1.8d SG 1986. It really is the only one here in Brazil, got her to 12 years. I bought at an auction of the IRS, where the car had been seized from people who tried to import it, because our law only allows import vehicles 0km or used more than 30 years (collectors). Thanks for the compliments. Unfortunately, when we bought came missing the outside rearview, only the holes in the fenders, I wonder where I can buy these two mirrors, to import. If you know of any site and the numbering part I am very grateful.

    A hug to everyone

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