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Carina Sightings: the only Carina in Brazil!

Last week Tulio Inoue contacted me that he found the only Carina in Brazil. Of course I was anxious, opened the link and found this beautiful Carina Van SG:
Carina van SG diesel in Brazil
This Carina only travelled 120000 kilometers so far and is almost like new!

Tulio told me this is most probably the only Carina in Brazil as up till the 90s import cars were forbidden unless you were a diplomat and imported the car yourself. Probably a Japanese diplomat imported this car, perhaps as a vehicle for the embassy?

The interior still looks immaculate after 26 years: Continue reading

Ebay treasures: Datsun 240Z Turbo Diesel

I came across this little gem half a year ago but last week it popped up on Marktplaats for the second time: a 240Z with Turbo Diesel conversion by Mosselman!
Datsun 240Z Turbo Diesel
Datsun 240Z Turbo Diesel

The 240Z has been given a nice set of Mag Style alloys and a set of ELC mirrors:
Datsun 240Z Turbo Diesel
Datsun 240Z Turbo Diesel

Let’s hop over to the real big modification to this 240Z: the diesel engine!
Nissan LD28T tuned by Mosselman
Nissan LD28T tuned by Mosselman

The L24 has been replaced by a huge LD28T unit with engine tuning by Mosselman and also features an intercooler. There are no output figures given on this car but I reckon the LD28T must have enormous amounts of torque!

Datsun 240Z Turbo Diesel
Datsun 240Z Turbo Diesel

The name Mosselman tuning may have a weird feeling for people familiar with the similar named artist but the company is actually a bit older than him (over 30 years old) and a very serious company.

The asking price of 8750 euros may sound a bit steep, but if you drive a lot this “fuel efficient” 240Z may actually be worth its price after all.

Found here: [Datsun 240Z Turbo Diesel]

Carina Sightings: Carina bi-turbo diesel drifting

I posted some videos of this Finnish Carina before and his car is getting more and more interesting! A few days ago he posted a new in-car video of a drift session on the Botniaring:

Even though the sound of his Carina does not match our expectations (no high revving 4A-GE, but a bi-turbo 2L-T) he surely can throw the car sideways as it should with all that (slow) torque!

Apparently I was truely wrong about his project two years ago when he posted up the first videos on StreetFire…

Carina Sightings: Turbo diesel Carina ice racing part 2

This week we continue about the Carina Turbo Diesel I posted last week. I had contact with the guy who posted the video and he sent me this video from the car before they bought it:As you can see in this video the turbo is sticking above the hood! :D
They changed it after they bought the car and now the turbo fits nicely under the hood.

!Edit! A video with all details on the Carina, Corolla and Mitsubishi was posted:

You can clearly see how they solved it now: the turbo is way lower than before… However: I did notice the original intake manifold (got Toyota 1C logo on it) going from the exhaust (on the RHD side) to the intake (on the LHD side) meaning that the engine was already a Turbo Diesel version!
I did some research which took me an hours and indeed Toyota made an 1C-T with this manifold from 1983 till 1985. Japanese Carinas never got the 1C-T so either Finland got this engine or this is a very rare engine swap! :)

The Carina is owned by three brothers from Finland and all three are racing with it. The guy I’m mailing with is only 13 years old! Amazing at what young age these Fins are starting with racing! Not surprising that so many good rally and track drivers are from Finland!

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