Remembering Japanese cars from the past

Car Chases: Seibu Kesatsu in San Andreas

When I watched this collaborated GTA San Andreas movie I somehow wondered if Gred would have been involved. Anyway, this video shows you lots and lots JDM tin carnage without any real cars being blown to smithereens!

Of course most of the cars are Nissans, but an occasional Toyota AE86 can be spotted a few times.

Also if you are wondering what that intermezzo at 3:15 is all about: it is a commercial break for featuring this Nissan Silvia advertisement:

Not 100% correct time wise, but nevertheless a very nice detail!

Direct link to videos: 2/3 SAMP:???? “????????”, NISSAN – ART FORCE SILVIA – CM

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  1. gred

    nope im not involved in this,but the autor is my friend :P

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