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Carina Sightings: turbocharged Toyota Carina AA63 in Hot Version 33

Ka Ko posts clips from various Hot Version videos regularly and yesterday he posted up a short clip of a turbocharged Toyota Carina AA63 versus a Toyota Corolla AE92 sedan.
Toyota Carina AA63
The Carina is wrongly placed as the T15/T16 in the description but in reality it is a resprayed Toyota Carina AA63. Also don’t get fooled over that 4A-GZE that got swapped in from an AE92: it is actually turbocharged! Another way to get a twin cam turbo in a Carina!

The comparison between the two is made by driving them as fast as possible on the Ebisu track:
Toyota Carina AA63
As you can see Keiichi drives the Carina in a spectacular way over the curbs.

You can hear his comments on the car in the video below:
Unfortunately this video has been removed by Youtube. Once I find it again I’ll reshare!
And he definitely approves. :)

The Toyota Corolla AE92 sedan is also a very impressive and fast car even though it is almost bone stock under the bonnet. Handling seems to be quite good for a front wheel drive car!


  1. Fez

    I wonder why they didn’t use an intercooler?

    • banpei

      Probably limited by the amount of space. It really looks tight around that Turbo setup and the Carina doesn’t have much space between the radiator and the front air dam either.

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