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Carina Sightings: turbocharged Toyota Carina AA63 in Hot Version 33

Ka Ko posts clips from various Hot Version videos regularly and yesterday he posted up a short clip of a turbocharged Toyota Carina AA63 versus a Toyota Corolla AE92 sedan.
Toyota Carina AA63
The Carina is wrongly placed as the T15/T16 in the description but in reality it is a resprayed Toyota Carina AA63. Also don’t get fooled over that 4A-GZE that got swapped in from an AE92: it is actually turbocharged! Another way to get a twin cam turbo in a Carina!

The comparison between the two is made by driving them as fast as possible on the Ebisu track: Continue reading

Carina Sightings: 298local’s AA63

At first I thought hey, a shot of Abunai Deka with the SA60 wagon! and immediately followed by the drifting Carina. No wait! Two drifting Carinas!

The white Carina AA63 has a set of SSR Mk I rims on the rear and Mk II rims at the front. I also spotted some flashes of Ebisu North there! Looks like 298local surely had some fun there!

Charity: buy a Love Ebisu shirt and help Japan!

As I wrote earlier this week that Ebisu needs to be rebuilt on some parts (like the pits), but did you also know they are housing people who were made homeless last weeks events? That’s definitely a great initiative that needs support!

That’s why Tim Hutton from sliproadjunkies designed a Love Ebisu tshirt and hoodie and sells them for charity:
Love Ebisu shirt and hoodie
Love Ebisu shirt and hoodie

All money made (excluding the initial costs) on these products will all be given to charity!

Head over to Sliproadjunkies to order one and help Ebisu help Japan!
Yes, we ? Ebisu!

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