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Hilarious: Erotic book drift! (censored!)

What? Hilarious posting on Wednesday? Something up? Yes indeed, there is something up!
I received an message from Koken that I should check out something great… The two videos were by 86jnosakuretu48te again and this time outdoes himself, in the first one he does the McDonalds run again (he thought the last one wasn’t shot properly) but this time he finishes off with a cigarette:

Well even electric ones do count as cigarettes!

The second one is even madder than the first one, he reads an erotic magazine while drifting (don’t worry: it has been censored):

I guess he gets distracted quickly! :D :D

Edit 2-7-2010: I kind of exepected this already… The video violated the terms of Youtube and was removed… He now uploaded the “censored” version above, which should be clearly visible again if you wear 3d glasses!
Edit 3-7-2010: Even the 3d version got removed!! He now reposted it now with a nice mosaic blocking the image!


  1. Killua

    Aww, I wanted to see the magazine. :P
    I bet it was good stuff, haha. The censored part of the video also makes difficult to see his driving moves.

    This guy is awesome. I wish I was in Ebisu, drifting an AE86 in the rain while eating McDonald’s burgers!

  2. banpei

    I did save the uncensored version because I expected it to be removed… I’ll see if I can share it somewhere. ;)

  3. Killua

    That would be very generous from you. :P

    I love your blog by the way, I can always count on it for random Japanese car stuff! Of course, Bosozoku Style has interesting stuff too. :)

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