If you would have asked me if I would post a Toyota Celica GTi AT160 on my blog I probably would have given you a definite no. But as five years have past since I did the first Down on the Street a lot has changed: cars have become older and some models even have gone almost extinct, just like the Celica T160 series:

Even if the car is the first front wheel drive Toyota Celica it certainly aged very beautifully.

According to the Dutch car register this originally Dutch Celica is a GTi model and is powered by a 1587cc engine, so it must be the 4A-GE powered AT160 model as we only got the 4A-GE powered Toyota Celica GT AT160 and the 3S-GE powered Toyota Celica GT/GT-four ST162.

From the front and rear you can see the design is following up rather the Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86 than the previous generation of Celicas:

Especially the tail lights look very much alike the 2 door coupe tail lights of the AE86.

But then again the 2 door coupe Celica’s tail lights look very different again.

Yes the Toyota Celica GT AT160 has aged very beautifully in 2014. ;)