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DOTS: Toyota Celica Supra MA61 1985

A new feature shamelessly inspired by Jalopnik: Down on the Street! Also shortened as DOTS. ;)

Even though Jalopnik is posting about every car they can take a picture of I will try to limit myself to special or old JDM tin.

I will kick off with this nice Toyota Celica Supra MA61 parked near the office of my work. For a while I spotted it on a daily basis and when I finally did bring along a small pocket camera it wasn’t there anymore. Lucky enough it re-appeared only once and I shot a couple of pictures.
DOTS: 1985 Toyota Celica Supra MA61 with 5M-GE engine
DOTS: 1985 Toyota Celica Supra MA61 with 5M-GE engine

When I returned home and put the pictures on my laptop I noticed almost all pictures were crap. The camera is an old small pocket size camera so it just takes 3 or 4 pictures and averages them, resulting in only two “okay” picutures. I noticed this after already taking a lot of pictures of other cars… I think I’ll have to buy a new pocket size camera with some better capabilities than this one. :(

DOTS: 1985 Toyota Celica Supra MA61 with 5M-GE engine
DOTS: 1985 Toyota Celica Supra MA61 with 5M-GE engine

The Celica Supra is a facelifted model featuring the 5M-GE, factory extended fenders and 14 inch 7J rims. In other words: the most desirable of the Celica Supra MK2! ;)

The exterior used to be better than this, especially when I first saw it. Back then it was a low mileage car and the interior still looked stunning. When I took these pictures it looked a bit less “out of the showroom” than before, but it still looked very well for its age!

I haven’t seen the Celica Supra ever since, but I suspect it was owned by the same person leaving a note under the windshield wiper of my Trueno a few years ago. ;)


  1. banpei

    The car is located in the Netherlands, so of course the car is not JDM. ;)

  2. Ruud

    I don`t know where you have seen that car standing around before.
    But since this week i am the proud NEW owner of this car.
    If you live around Hoorn you might see it out in the wild again sometimes :)

  3. banpei

    Haha! That is amazing seeing the new owner turn up here! :)
    I think you bought a very nice car! Like I said before: the interior appeared to be in excellent shape and the exterior got the usual usage damage. I was amazed how well the car was after being over 20 years old.

    When I shot these pics the car was parked in Hilversum near the Rotor Media building. My best guess is that the previous owner used to work for as a freelancer for either BNN or Pilarzyck media.

    Unfortunately Hoorn is a bit far away to spot, but you will never know: I used to visit Hoorn every two years I think, so perhaps I will see it there as well! ;)

  4. Ruben

    hej im ser også bye en bil, der kan nogen hjælpe mig?

  5. Anonymous

    Hahaha, how amazing! I was just looking for pics on google and I found this:)

    I bought the car from Ruud a few months ago. I’m busy replacing the heater core.

    I hope to fire it up this week!!!

    You can spot the car in near Maastricht (Limburg).

  6. banpei

    Funny to see how the car moves around in the Netherlands! :D
    Next time I’m near Maastricht I’ll keep my eyes open for it. :)

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