Hilarious: Toyota Celica Supra Mk2 parking fail

January 2, 2015 in hilarious

While doing some research on the Toyota Celica Supra mk2 (aka Toyota Celica XX in Japan) I found this hilarious photo:
Toyota Celica Supra Mk II MA61 parking fail
There is a Toyota Celica Supra mk2 P-Type parked on top of the last model Mazda Protegé (aka Mazda 323 and Mazda Familia) sedan in a typical parking lot. It is clearly a face-lifted P-type (Performance type) Celica Supra as it features the dished 7 inch wide Celica Supra wheels, the overfenders and the wraparound front indicators. It could be a MA61 or MA67 (sources differ on this matter) but it clearly is (or was) a mint Toyota Celica Supra mk2.

Now what went wrong here? Did the owner just confuse the pedals? Or did he/she try to conquer the Mazda Protegé? Or did he/she tried to park sideways? We’ll probably never know…

Found at: Failblog

Picture of the Week: Celica M-300 by HKS

November 13, 2012 in picture of the week

Found these Celica M-500 pictures on Tumbler:
Toyota Celica M-500 by HKS Power
Haven’t found any info on this HKS Power Celica M-500…

But I do know that it is powered by a twin turbo 5M-GTE: Read the rest of this entry →

Familiy Album Treasures: crash your Celica XX in 1987

August 28, 2010 in Familiy Album Treasures

Back in 1987, when I was still in highschool and my dad still drove the Carina wagon this guy crashed his Celica XX into a red car while being chased by the police and drove through a red light.
Crashed Celica XX in 1987
Crashed Celica XX in 1987

Of course that is something you should be proud of if you are member of the LawBreak Family…

Found at LawBreak Family

Japanese rustoseums (part nine)

May 20, 2010 in rustoseums

It has been some time since I posted the last rustoseum, so here are some more! What about this poor GA61 Celica XX? It already looks way beyond reasonable repairs:
Toyota Celica XX GA61 Rustoseum
Toyota Celica XX GA61 Rustoseum

It was supposed to be the flagship of the Celcia XX range… What happened? Did the owner think it got out of fashion? At least the 15 inch 6J Celica XX rims look salvageable…

How about this Silvia S13 in the foliage then?
Nissan Silvia S13 Rustoseum
Nissan Silvia S13 Rustoseum

Sure enough its headlights were stripped, but apart from that it still looks quite complete… Maybe still salvageable?

And the last one, a (former) white MR2:
Toyota MR2 AW11 Rustoseum
Toyota MR2 AW11 Rustoseum

It still looks okay and complete: not too much rust. Now is that picture playing tricks with me or does the car next to it have some bosozoku exhaust pipes??

Commerical time: Mixed bag of Toyota

January 16, 2010 in Commerical time

Got a mixed bag of Toyota commercials from Japan: Starlet KP60 Trans Europe trial, Corona T100, Celica XX mk1, Chaser MX30 and the KE30 saloon!

Even though I live in Europe, in a country next to Germany I still have no idea what the Trans Europe Trial actually is… It must have been something like Toyota wanted to prove the Starlet was an excellent car for European roads, therefore it would certainly be an even better car for the Japanese roads!

The Corona T100 looks like it would have been sophisticated back in a day, but with those features (central warning light, 5mph bumpers) you can even find on BYDs nowadays!

And that Chaser MX30! Of course if you first run it flat out on the saltflats (who put those lines there??) you definitely need to wash your hair!

DOTS: Toyota Celica Supra MA61 1985

July 26, 2009 in dots

A new feature shamelessly inspired by Jalopnik: Down on the Street! Also shortened as DOTS. 😉

Even though Jalopnik is posting about every car they can take a picture of I will try to limit myself to special or old JDM tin.

I will kick off with this nice Toyota Celica Supra MA61 parked near the office of my work. For a while I spotted it on a daily basis and when I finally did bring along a small pocket camera it wasn’t there anymore. Lucky enough it re-appeared only once and I shot a couple of pictures.
DOTS: 1985 Toyota Celica Supra MA61 with 5M-GE engine
DOTS: 1985 Toyota Celica Supra MA61 with 5M-GE engine

When I returned home and put the pictures on my laptop I noticed almost all pictures were crap. The camera is an old small pocket size camera so it just takes 3 or 4 pictures and averages them, resulting in only two “okay” picutures. I noticed this after already taking a lot of pictures of other cars… I think I’ll have to buy a new pocket size camera with some better capabilities than this one. 🙁

DOTS: 1985 Toyota Celica Supra MA61 with 5M-GE engine
DOTS: 1985 Toyota Celica Supra MA61 with 5M-GE engine

The Celica Supra is a facelifted model featuring the 5M-GE, factory extended fenders and 14 inch 7J rims. In other words: the most desirable of the Celica Supra MK2! 😉

The exterior used to be better than this, especially when I first saw it. Back then it was a low mileage car and the interior still looked stunning. When I took these pictures it looked a bit less “out of the showroom” than before, but it still looked very well for its age!

I haven’t seen the Celica Supra ever since, but I suspect it was owned by the same person leaving a note under the windshield wiper of my Trueno a few years ago. 😉