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Double Dragon: two Toyota Celica XX brothers – Family Album Treasures

The Lee brothers in the Double Dragon game may have inspired these two to stand on top of their Toyota Celica XX-es in today’s Family Album Treasures. So why are they standing on top of their cars? And what is the Double Dragon game? And what has that got to do with the Celica XX?

Family Album Treasure: Double Dragon Celica XX GA61 and MA63
Family Album Treasure: Double Dragon Celica XX GA61 and MA63

Double Dragon

Let’s start with the Double Dragon game. If you are unfamiliar with this game, you really missed some vitally important gaming history. Double Dragon was the first game in the beat-’em-up genre. This genre is a side-scrolling game where “bad guys” have to be fought and reach a goal at the end. In this case, a young student, Marian, is being kidnapped by the Black Warriors. You have to fight your way to rescue her from this evil gang of thugs.

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The family Celica XX 2000G MA45 [Family Album Treasures]

A Celica XX, also better known as the Celica Supra in the USA, is the first attempt by Toyota to create a Gran Tourer out of the Celica. The Celica XX 2000G isn’t particularly a car with a lot of room in the back. So how could this be a Family Album Treaure?

A Celica XX 2000G MA45 for the whole family?
A Celica XX 2000G MA45 for the whole family?

I found this photo on Flickr and the caption was “Akita Japan – 1979”. What caught my interest in this photo was the size of the family. I wondered how five adults can fit in a second generation Celica? Well they simply don’t!

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Commercial Time: Nissan Leopard TR-X America

When the Nissan Leopard TR-X (pronounced Tri-X) F30 was launched it clearly was aimed to fight off the Toyota Chaser GX61 (sedan and hatchback) and Toyota Soarer MZ10 (coupe) with this all new technology platform from Nissan. This Nissan Leopard TR-X coupe really was promoted as an American highway capable grand tourer coupe.
Commercial Time: Nissan Leopard TR-X America
The first (and second) generation Toyota Celica Supra was sold as the Toyota Celica XX in Japan, so the Tri-X could be a taunt by Nissan towards Toyota. BTW: Tri(ple)-X would nowadays imply something else. ;)

Why they branded it as being an American highway car is a mystery to me: they never sold the Leopard abroad. Perhaps they had the intention to do so, but that didn’t happen until the launch of the Infinity brand in 1990 and selling the four year old F31 as the Infiniti M30.

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Brilliant: Swap a Honda F20 into a Celica XX

I think many purists will think this is blasphemy but I think it was a genius who thought of swapping the Honda F20 engine (presumably F20C) into a Celica XX GA61:

Why? Well the F20 is more powerful and has nearly the same torque as the 1G-(G)EU engine but a lot less in weight (almost equal to the 1G-GEU including its gearbox!). Now where can I get one of these babies swapped into my Carina? :P

Direct link to video: ??????20????????

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