Old footage: Touge drifting in 1996

March 29, 2009 in old footage by banpei

Time for some more old drift footage from a decade ago!
This video features some pre Initial D anime fanatics drifting on a wide touge:

For spotters: I did spot some AE86s, Silvias (S13 and S14), 180SX-es, one Sil80, a Skyline GTR R33, JZX81, JZX91, C33 Laurel, Soarer Z30, Celica XX Mk2 and a Starlet. That’s about half of the JDM 80s and early 90s in cars! 😀

What strikes me in this video is the way the 4 door saloons are going wide is just the same as they are doing nowadays, in contrary of the hachi-rokus and Silvias. I guess that technique is no different: just rush in too fast and have the weight of the rear do the work for you while pushing the pedal to the metal.

Direct link to video: 当時 1996年頃 箱根 大平台 ドリフト Drift