510hp Mitsubishi Colt swaps its own engine

510hp Mitsubishi Colt swaps its own engine

It is always great to see footage of engine swaps, but seeing/hearing a car swap its own engine is just one step further!

Great to see the Mitsubishi Colt can actually be very very fast and then…clunk!
Oh oh! That wasn’t good… 😀
Ah well, that could have been expected if you go too far with a standard transmission…

This also brings back memories of my first car: a Mitsubishi Colt 1.3. This car is a bit more impressive than the one I used to own: the engine is supposed to output 510hp helped with the aid of a turbo. That is about nine times as much as mine did!

Makes me wonder though: according to the Dutch car registration database my old car still drives around. Bizarre: I sold it four years ago and already thought the next owner would scrap it within a year. So if you are the owner of a Mitsubishi Colt with registration YD-50-TG you are driving a car I gave up upon four years ago! 😀

[ Video found on Jalopnik ]

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