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Down on the Street: Toyota Celica GTi AT160

If you would have asked me if I would post a Toyota Celica GTi AT160 on my blog I probably would have given you a definite no. But as five years have past since I did the first Down on the Street a lot has changed: cars have become older and some models even have gone almost extinct, just like the Celica T160 series:

Even if the car is the first front wheel drive Toyota Celica it certainly aged very beautifully.

According to the Dutch car register this originally Dutch Celica is a GTi model and is powered by a 1587cc engine, so it must be the 4A-GE powered AT160 model as we only got the 4A-GE powered Toyota Celica GT AT160 and the 3S-GE powered Toyota Celica GT/GT-four ST162. Continue reading

Car chases: chase the pedestrian

This car chase video actually starts with a Nissan Laurel C230 chasing a pedestrian. Apparently this woman is very scared of the Laurel (or its driver) and fakes being hit by the Abunai Deka Nissan Leopard.

After that an exciting chase between the Leopard and the Laurel starts!

A lot of cars can be seen in the background: at 0:28 a brand new Toyota Celica AT160 can be seen (parked next to an A60 Carina sedan!) and a few seconds later an A60 Carina coupe parked in the far background. And let’s not forget the white Honda Today at 0:56! Another white Carina A60 coupe can be seen at 2:03, a KE70 van at 2:06 and as a bonus a 300ZX Z31 at the traffic light!

Now can you name more than these cars?

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