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Carina Sightings: Finnish Carina Coupe AA60

Most of the time I when I try finding other Carinas I spend a lot of time on Google Images. This week it proved once again to not be a very good too in finding Carinas: the Finnish site Minunauto (Finnish Cardomain/Minkara) is badly indexed by Google and once I did a search on the site it proved that Finland must be next to Japan the country with the most active Carina drivers/owners! I found at least 25 new Carinas!!

This one was one of the most striking Carinas: a DX coupe AA60, powered by a 4AFE!
Finnish Toyota Carina DX AA60 (4AFE)
Finnish Toyota Carina DX AA60 (4AFE)

Most people would go for the 4AGE road, but somehow the owner of this Carina didn’t do so, Perhaps it is because the early generation of the 4AFE is carbureted and easier to swap…

In contrary of the kouki JDM GT models this car features the wheels from a limited edition 280ZX during wintertime. They may look the same in the basic design, but they are different. Also note that in the picture above the rims are a bit more exotic than these. ;)
Finnish Toyota Carina DX AA60 (4AFE)
Finnish Toyota Carina DX AA60 (4AFE)

Nevertheless they look really nice in combination with the bodykit! I really wonder what kit that actually is from…

Finnish Toyota Carina DX AA60 (4AFE)
Finnish Toyota Carina DX AA60 (4AFE)

OMP steering wheel and custom tach make the interior look like a serious racing machine…

And here is the 4AFE:
Finnish Toyota Carina DX AA60 (4AFE)
Finnish Toyota Carina DX AA60 (4AFE)

Note that the distributor has been relocated (transverse 4A engines have them located at the back) and the exhaust manifold is a custom job.

And last but not least:
Finnish Toyota Carina DX AA60 (4AFE)
Finnish Toyota Carina DX AA60 (4AFE)

This is how good a EUDM Coupe can look! ^_^


  1. A Finn

    Yeah we have a lot of those in Finland ;) Also the KE70 corolla is very popular among young boys here. (and overpriced…)

  2. banpei

    Both the TA60 and KE70 are overpriced here as well: TA60s in a decent state are around 2500 euros and the KE70 around 2000 euros. Generally all cars older than 25 years are already above 2000 euros, simply because people don’t have to pay roadtaxes for them.

    But the thing I don’t understand is that there are 5 million people living in Finland, that’s more than three times less than the Netherlands. How come you have so many great (nostalgic) cars left in your country?

  3. DarkSupra

    Yeah there is a KE70 1.3 auto on Marktplaats for 2500euro….
    Couple weeks ago there was one for 4750euro or something crazy like that.

    Maybe Finland didn’t ship al their awesome old cars to country’s like Africa?

  4. A Finn

    Japanese cars have been popular in Finland for a long time, Toyota has been the most sold brand for the last 20 years or so,only recently VW went past them though i think,so yeah some cars have been sold to Africa but because so many were sold back in the days many still remains i guess. And i also think it may have something to do with taxes, cars from -94 and onward are actually MORE expensive to pay for, i think its 35cent per day and older cars up to -93 are “only” 26cent per day in vehicletaxes,I hope u understand what i mean? :P

  5. Another finn

    The bodykit of that car is handmade from steel by some previous owner. I am not the owner but there’s a project topic of that car in finnish Toyota-club. The adress is but unfortunately there’s not much to see for the visitors.

    Those CAPTCHA questions are bit hard to answer :)

  6. banpei

    Thanks for the hint. I’ll definitely check out fintoys and see if I can find the topic.
    That bodykit is amazing, especially if it was handmade by steel. Can he do another one on my sedan? :P
    BTW: thanks for the captcha hint: I increased the difficulty to keep spammers away but apparently I went a bit too wild on that. ;)

  7. Benjamin Mårtensson

    (Note that the distributor has been relocated (transverse 4A engines have them located at the back))

    How did u relocate the distributor??? thanx for answer

  8. banpei

    It is not mine, but you can see the car features a relocated distributor next to the firewall. There are several kits to do this, but also a direct ignition system (like MDI Direct Ignition) would solve this problem.

  9. also finn

    I also have a sedan ta60 carina in finland :) i welded the body last winter and painted it matte white, put wide rims under it, lowered it and made some mods to the engine and did allkinds of stuff :) i drowe it one summer and now it’s time to continue modifying the car. Love these carinas :p

    • banpei

      Love to see photos!
      Got a profile page somewhere or perhaps send me some photos on banpei (at) banpei (dot) net

      • also finn

        I’m not wery good with computers so i don’t have a profile page but i can send you some pictures of my carina :)

        • banpei

          Please do! :)

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