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JAF 2010 pics and new blogroll

Some time ago I posted a racing spec Supra MA71 spotted by on the Dutch highways. Since then I’m following his blog where he already posted a Honda Civic tribute and about Initial D. Yesterday he posted about his visit to the Japanese Autosport Festival at the TT circuit in Assen with 100+ pictures!

These are my two favorite pictures of the JAF 2010:
Einnebs AE86 at JAF 2010 Assen (NL)
Einneb’s AE86 at JAF 2010 Assen (NL)

Lexus GS300 at JAF 2010 Assen (NL)
Lexus GS300 at JAF 2010 Assen (NL)

And tp give you an overview of what I missed this weekend:
JAF 2010 Assen (NL)
JAF 2010 Assen (NL)

On one side I really regret not going there, but on the other side I’m happy I stayed at home since my son’s tonsils were removed last Friday and he was really suffering from it.

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  1. Laurens

    Wooohoo! I’m on you blog! Thanks! and beterschap voor je zoon.

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