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Commercial Time: can’t buy the Toyota Crown in Germany

Toyota has just launched a new commercial for their Toyota Crown Athlete S210 and it gets kind of hilarious: a Japanese businessman is trying to sell something to a German businessman in Frankfurth (you can see the Eschenheimer tower) but the German businessman only wants to buy his Toyota Crown Athlete instead as it is not for sale in Germany.
Toyota Crown Athlete S210 commercial
Why is this hilarious?

Well, watch the video below and continue to read why: Continue reading

SF Bay area: went to a drift event (part 3)

Last week I posted up black and white photos of the drift exhibition at Infineon Raceway and this week I’ll share the only “okay” photos from the color film I used.

You can hardly make out the Lexus GS300 on this picture:
Infineon drift exhibition: Lexus GS300
Infineon drift exhibition: Lexus GS300

I think the exposure is alright but the duration was just a tad too long. Limitations of the camera obviously show here: my Zenit only supports 1/30th till 1/500th of a second and alternatively you will have to do it yourself with the “bulb” selection.

Also this photo with lots of light trails worked out fine:
Infineon drift exhibition: light trails
Infineon drift exhibition: light trails

Would have been better if I would have brought along a tripod and took a picture from above. Of course there is always a next time to do so. ;)

Last but not least: at the end three Corolla GT-S AE86s were doing a tandem drift and you can still make out the trailing 2 door coupe:
Infineon drift exhibition: hachis in a tandem drift
Infineon drift exhibition: hachis in a tandem drift

As I said in the previous posting: with a flashlight I could have frozen the image a bit more but I’m actually quite content with the result!

Now tomorrow I’ll be heading to the Dutch JAF (Japans Auto Festival) held at Zandvoort so I’m curious what kind of pictures that will bring. If you want to meet up, just send me an email and otherwise you can recognize me by looking for an tall Asian looking guy with long hair and a vintage camera around his neck. ;)

JAF 2010 pics and new blogroll

Some time ago I posted a racing spec Supra MA71 spotted by on the Dutch highways. Since then I’m following his blog where he already posted a Honda Civic tribute and about Initial D. Yesterday he posted about his visit to the Japanese Autosport Festival at the TT circuit in Assen with 100+ pictures!

These are my two favorite pictures of the JAF 2010:
Einnebs AE86 at JAF 2010 Assen (NL)
Einneb’s AE86 at JAF 2010 Assen (NL)

Lexus GS300 at JAF 2010 Assen (NL)
Lexus GS300 at JAF 2010 Assen (NL)

And tp give you an overview of what I missed this weekend:
JAF 2010 Assen (NL)
JAF 2010 Assen (NL)

On one side I really regret not going there, but on the other side I’m happy I stayed at home since my son’s tonsils were removed last Friday and he was really suffering from it.

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