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Commercial Time: can’t buy the Toyota Crown in Germany

Toyota has just launched a new commercial for their Toyota Crown Athlete S210 and it gets kind of hilarious: a Japanese businessman is trying to sell something to a German businessman in Frankfurth (you can see the Eschenheimer tower) but the German businessman only wants to buy his Toyota Crown Athlete instead as it is not for sale in Germany.
Toyota Crown Athlete S210 commercial
Why is this hilarious?

Well, watch the video below and continue to read why:
Unfortunately Toyota Japan removed this video from Youtube. If I find it again I’ll reshare it!
To start with it is hilarious because Toyota actually stopped selling the Crown in Europe in favor of the Lexus LS series, so of course it is not for sale in Germany! Also Lexus sells the GS in the same segment as the Crown Athlete with the exact same engine lineup.

Then also the Crown and LS have been in the full-size luxury sedan class and this obviously clashes with the German Mercedes S-class, BMW 7-series and Audi A8-series (or even the VW Phaeton!). What do all these three German cars have in common? They all offer V8s or bigger. The Toyota Crown? Only V6s and inline 4s. Is that going to impress a German businessman that is used to the comfort of his V8 S-class?

But the remark by the German businessman makes it all better: Der … turbo ist wahnsinn!. Yes the new Toyota 8AR-FTS inline four turbo is an impressive engine: it has a twin scroll turbocharger and can shift between Otto and Atkinson cycles and produces 241hp and 258 lb-ft of torque. It is indeed insane!


  1. B-san

    Thats one good looking car!

  2. Michael Zhou

    Can’t buy the Hongqi H7 in Germany

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