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Dried mushrooms are bad! (for an AE86)

Drugs are bad m’kay. Dried mushroom filter At least, that’s what I thought when I saw this dried out mushroom filter on the RS Yasu blog. The mushroom filter belonged to this very nive Levin: Toyota Levin AE86 Now try picture where exactly that missing part currently is… 😉 Found at [RS Yasu]

Happy Hachi-Roku day!

Almost forgot: today is the 8th of june! So happy hachi-roku day! Happy HR day! I shamelessly borrowed the image from ZaX who is a regular at the AEU86 forums.

HachiRock Festa 2011

HachiRock Festa 2011 has been announced just a few days away from Hachi-Roku day. Now that’s some really good news! HachiRock Festa 2011 As you can see the festival is held on the 19th of September in the Sagamiko resort and the artwork is just as beautiful as always! You can find more info here

Count the hachis!

This picture was taken on the AE86 Matsuri at Tsukuba Circuit earlier this year by a Skyline R30 owner. Amazing how many hachis were present at the matsuri! Can you count how many hachis there actually are present at the paddock? Count the hachis! Found at Com etc

JAF 2010 pics and new blogroll

Some time ago I posted a racing spec Supra MA71 spotted by on the Dutch highways. Since then I’m following his blog where he already posted a Honda Civic tribute and about Initial D. Yesterday he posted about his visit to the Japanese Autosport Festival at the TT circuit in Assen with 100+ pictures! These…

Count the hachis (hachi roku day at Fuji Speedway)

This video shows what the average hachi roku enthusiast will drool over: 4:25 minutes non-stop hachi action on hachi-roku-day at Fuji Speedway! Anyone actually able to count them all? I lost track at a certain moment and my guess is somewhere near 30! Direct link to video: 86走 富士ショート