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Breaking news: Fujiwara tofushop no more

Yesterday evening was a sad one: I read Alexi’s latest post on Nori Yaho and discovered the Haruna tofushop (aka the Fujiwara tofushop in Initial D) has been demolished:
Fujiwara Tofushop was once here...
Fujiwara Tofushop was once here…

Where you see that big empty space in the picture above, used to be the shop as shown in the picture below:
Fujiwara Tofushop in its full glory
Fujiwara Tofushop in its full glory

Sad, sad, sad….

So, Bunta now has enough space to park the Toyota Ipsum (Picnic). :D

You can read all the details about Alexi’s trip to Mount Haruna on Nori Yaro.

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  1. Laurens

    Naaaahhh!! It’s a shame! It was a monument!

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