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Japanese rustoseums (part eleven)

When I posted part 9 (with the Celica XX, MR2 and Silvia S13) on Facebook I replied to Matti Alasaari that there were even sadder pictures than that. As promised they are going to be posted here: three Nissan Skyline GC10s!

First of all this sad KGC10 coupe is rusting away:
Nissan Skyline 2000 GT-X KGC10
Nissan Skyline 2000 GT-X KGC10

This KGC10 is the coupe version of the Skyline 2000 GT-X, but it does have the tail lights of the KPGC10 GT-R. You can distinguish it from the KPGC10 by looking at the rear arches: they haven’t been cut nor flared. Of course it is a famous upgrade to flare the rear arches and sell it to some foreigner as a GT-R, so there is still potential in this car! ;)

Now it is unclear what trim this GC10 used to be:
Nissan Skyline GC10
Nissan Skyline GC10

Way beyond sanity and it will never be restored I guess…

This one is a bit easier:
Nissan Skyline GC10
Nissan Skyline GC10

It has no flared arches, got a zenki grille and headlight surrounding, so unmistakeably this is a Skyline 1500 GC10. :)

Now even putting the lowest grade (1500) of these Skylines on a junkyard is already a shame!


  1. Amma

    i WANT THIS CAAAAAAAAAARS!!!!!! it hurts seeing this great cars rotting away

    how dare they let this cars rost away <.<

  2. Allar

    Are there any old Nissan skyline gc10 that would be offered for sale?:) My email [email protected]

  3. JohnnyRed

    I’m interested in the Toyota Corona and the two Daihatsu Midget 3-wheelers in the background.

  4. Rumbani

    Where were these pictures taken? I know a company that restores these babies, I may just have one restored for myself. Its sad to see them like this.

    • banpei

      Dunno where exactly they were taken. If the source would have revealed anything I would have put it in the posting for sure. :)

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