This Kamen Rider parody called Kamen Norida is so hilarious: he rides a 50cc moped, he dresses up like a monkey, saves plants and trees from dehydration and he fights giant birds, like this Giant duck, by dancing silly and doing flying kicks:

Yes, the duck appears to be joining some nazi lookalike and he, apparently, is very evil! As you all know from other tokusatsu: all eye-patched people are evil. ;)

But of course Norida will kick (actually swing) the Duck’s butt. And of course the duck will play nasty tricks like turning Noridas friends into ducklings! WTF!? :D
Of course justice will prevail and the giant Duck will be roast. That’s how about every episode goes…

I really tried to find out what a Norida is, but I failed on finding the meaning of the word… I did find a very humorous passage on the Japanese Kamen Norida wikipedia entry describing it:
People modify the “Norida” also will be remodeled, Hayato character stone (which is converted into a man’s answering machine after) is rescued by escape before remodeling the brain of justice “mask Norida “as determined to fight for world peace
So Norida it actually means the feeling of justice?
No it does not: I did find out on a Brazilian forum that it actually is a wordplay on the name of the actor (Noritake Kinashi).

Update: I also found a Youtube video describing a bit more about this series. Apparently the group called Tunnels consists out of Takaaki Ishibashi (石橋 貴明 ) and Noritake Kinashi (木梨 憲武 ) and were both from Tokyo. They did the parody on Kamen Rider without the permission of Toei. It doesn’t state if Toei actually tried to stop them or not.

If you wish to watch more, you can find almost every episode here!