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Commerical time: Tokusatsu Tercel

The fourth generation of the Toyota Tercel was even more dull in its looks than its predecessors, but apparently it was a very very very quick car: even this Kamen Rider lookalike can’t even match its speed!

Hilarious: Kamen Norida (parody)

This Kamen Rider parody called Kamen Norida is so hilarious: he rides a 50cc moped, he dresses up like a monkey, saves plants and trees from dehydration and he fights giant birds, like this Giant duck, by dancing silly and doing flying kicks: Yes, the duck appears to be joining some nazi lookalike and he,…

Hilarious: 8 minutes Kamen Rider compilation

Time to feed you some more tokusatsu! An 8 minutes Kamen Rider compilation with the heroic Kamen Rider song in the background! I think I got enough of the rubber suits, big explosions, bad kung fu, bosozoku wannabes and sung heroic poems for the next three months! 😉

Hilarious: Kamen Rider versus Prince Gloria driving Pharaoh

This tokusatsu scene by Kamen Rider is hilarious: Some Pharaoh dude driving a Prince Gloria A30 sedan is fighting Kamen Rider with fire. Especially the finale is brilliant: after a small flying kick he just disappears in thin air! 😀

Hilarious: Masato Shimon complete collection

Masato Shimon is a singer who sung a lot of intros for Japanese movie and tv-series during the 60s, 70s and 80s. Someone decided that it would be a very good idea to actually collect all of them, glue them together and put them on Youtube. At first I thought it was a very nice…