Tokusatsu: Wild Seven 2011 movie

April 14, 2012 in tokusatsu

Remember I posted up some Tokusatsu series Wild Seven? They made it into a movie now and I had the pleasure watching it on the plane when I was on my way to the conference in Santa Clara!

Wild Seven is basically about a special task force of ex-convicts that operates above the law. They make sure gangsters (yakuza) and terrorists get neutralized in time. Most of them are either murderers, arsonists and even one of them used to be a bosozoku leader. That last character obviously does not follow the original storyline at all as the original used to fight against “scum” like the bosozoku.

Wild seven trailer with a Nissan Stagea on its roof

Obviously it is a remake, so it will never grasp that 70s style of the original but I must say I really had a great time watching it! Instead of blowing up a Crown S40 estate they blew up two Nissan Stagea WC34 wagons (as seen in the screenshot above) up in the first ten minutes. You can also expect a lot of “bippu” carnage as they are taking out a couple of the big bosses. The Nissan Stagea is becoming more and more a cult classic, so blowing up these wagons increase the price of existing ones…
Also the storyline is a bit thin. I won’t reveal too much, but a large part of the action reminded me of the Green Hornet remake done in the same year (2011).

This is the movie trailer: Read the rest of this entry →

Tokusatsu: Wild Seven destroying a Crown S40 estate

September 23, 2011 in tokusatsu

Haven’t found any footage of this series on Youtube so far, but the intro of this tokusatsu surely looks promising: the Toyopet Crown S40 estate featuring in the first long shot gets blown to smithereens after only 30 seconds!

The show ran for ten whole years onward after its inital release in September 1969. Now these guys are supposed to be the good guys and they are just blowing up stuff the whole time? Oh man, you got to love the 70s for that!

Tokusatsu: Emergency Command’s Subaru Leone GSS

September 16, 2011 in tokusatsu

It has been a while since I posted tokusatsu… So what about this 70s series called Emergency Command 10-4 10-10 complete with a Subaru Leone GSR coupe?

The question is if this Leone GSR was a match against Ultramans Mazda Cosmo. Seeing the number of episodes available on Youtube (next to zero) I fear that Ultraman had a much bigger audience…

In this short clip (one of the few I found) you can see the Leone in action follwing a bunch of vampires in whispering mode: Read the rest of this entry →

Commerical time: Tokusatsu Tercel

July 19, 2011 in Commerical time

The fourth generation of the Toyota Tercel was even more dull in its looks than its predecessors, but apparently it was a very very very quick car: even this Kamen Rider lookalike can’t even match its speed!

Hilarious: Tokusatsu gone haywire!

November 26, 2010 in hilarious

Tokusatsu isn’t especially renowned for their seriousness or real-life approach, but these two videos are way beyond sanity. Actually they are rather insane!

Brad Hogan shared this unreal bukkake Fly Man with me on Facebook:


Talking about WTFs: how about this A WTF Moment in Tokusatsu, Part 29 with a trumpet playing angel dwarf?

Where can I find the mushrooms the director of this tokusatsu has eaten? I want some too! 🙂

Hilarious: Machineman

September 17, 2010 in hilarious

On one end I’m glad that tokusatsu Seiun Kamen Machineman only ran for one season, on the other hand we now have to miss one of the most hilarious tokusatsu. The main character Ken Takase, a Keiichi Tsuchya lookalike, is able to transform into a machine (robot, car, airplane, you name it…) and saves the earth from Professor K. and his evil Tentacle Organization.. Enjoy 3 minutes of this great tokusatsu and its title song sung by Yuji Ohno: