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Carina Sightings: Carina AA63 coupe at New Zealand Nationals 2010

Last friday Michael from Retro Classics posted some pictures of the New Zealand Nationals 2010, including a Carina AA63 coupe going head to head with a Corolla AE70 hardtop:
Toyota Carina AA63 coupe and Corolla AE70 hardtop
Toyota Carina AA63 coupe and Corolla AE70 hardtop

The coupe features a set of SSR Longchamps at front and some less wide rims at the rear (probably the extra set of tires). It looks very good with the Longchamps, so a mental note to myself: buy a set whenever you can get them! ;)

Dunno what’s up with the hood, but it looks loose on the picture above and fastened on the picture below:
Toyota Carina AA63 coupe
Toyota Carina AA63 coupe

Somehow the Carina single headlights look much better on a coupe than on a sedan!

You can find more pictures of the Carina, Corolla and many other great classics (like a 810910 Bluebird hardtop!) on Retro Classics blog or at their Flickr page.


  1. kyteler

    Just a few minor detail clarifications. It was the “” Nationals and the Hardtop is of the 910 variety ;) I had wondered whether you’d seen that post or not! I guess this answer my question, ahhaha. I specifically put the Carina before the jump to see if you’d be more interested. :)

  2. banpei

    Great to hear people remember my Carina fetish! :P
    Yeah, I did see it, but since I read it from the RSS feed I do get the whole article, and not the summary.

  3. Kane

    Haha!! This is my carina and a mates ae70 at taupo. good weekend!!

  4. banpei

    You got an excellent looking Carina man! Love the Longchamps! :)

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