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Video: Smoketesting the UZE70 MotorFIX Corolla

Normally a smoketest would be performed to see if everything still works fine. I would not have expected MotorFIX to take it this literally:

Holy smoke Batman! That little Corolla is really tearing up the circuit! Last time it was restrained by the enormous amounts of rain pouring down, but now we really get to see its real potential!

I also like the comments under the video on Youtube by waider:
Love at first sight
and then followed by syedyasin93:
jizz at first sight

Video: MotorFIX AE70 wagon fixed!

This Corolla E7 meeting (held yesterday at Asagiri Kogen) video was uploaded today by ae86lan. Not only does it show some really great E7s (like the beautifully N2 flared TE71!) but at 2:19 it shows the best news I’ve heard/seen in the past months: the MotorFIX AE70 wagon all fixed up again!

On close up you can see it has been reinforced in every way possible, so hopefully it is strong enough for all the abuse and it will withstand another impact!

The black N2 flared TE71 intrigues me a bit: it has deep dish Hayashi Streets, AE86 N2 fender flares, Sprinter front fenders and round headlights. Its looks remind me a bit of the yellow Group B Starion but then, of course, much better and improved.

Oh and let’s not forget the two Carinas at 3:12! Yum! :)

Carina Sightings: Carina AA63 coupe at New Zealand Nationals 2010

Last friday Michael from Retro Classics posted some pictures of the New Zealand Nationals 2010, including a Carina AA63 coupe going head to head with a Corolla AE70 hardtop:
Toyota Carina AA63 coupe and Corolla AE70 hardtop
Toyota Carina AA63 coupe and Corolla AE70 hardtop

The coupe features a set of SSR Longchamps at front and some less wide rims at the rear (probably the extra set of tires). It looks very good with the Longchamps, so a mental note to myself: buy a set whenever you can get them! ;)

Dunno what’s up with the hood, but it looks loose on the picture above and fastened on the picture below:
Toyota Carina AA63 coupe
Toyota Carina AA63 coupe

Somehow the Carina single headlights look much better on a coupe than on a sedan!

You can find more pictures of the Carina, Corolla and many other great classics (like a 810910 Bluebird hardtop!) on Retro Classics blog or at their Flickr page.

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