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Video: MotorFIX AE70 wagon fixed!

This Corolla E7 meeting (held yesterday at Asagiri Kogen) video was uploaded today by ae86lan. Not only does it show some really great E7s (like the beautifully N2 flared TE71!) but at 2:19 it shows the best news I’ve heard/seen in the past months: the MotorFIX AE70 wagon all fixed up again!

On close up you can see it has been reinforced in every way possible, so hopefully it is strong enough for all the abuse and it will withstand another impact!

The black N2 flared TE71 intrigues me a bit: it has deep dish Hayashi Streets, AE86 N2 fender flares, Sprinter front fenders and round headlights. Its looks remind me a bit of the yellow Group B Starion but then, of course, much better and improved.

Oh and let’s not forget the two Carinas at 3:12! Yum! :)


  1. Killua

    That TE71 at the beggining leaks awesomeness! The front end kind of looks like a Ford Capri. I wonder what’s under the hood!

    And it’s great to see the MotorFIX wagon fixed up… but, I don’t really know, weren’t the A-Pillars completely crushed a while ago? If it is the exact same car then those guys did hell of a good job.

  2. Anonymous

    The te71 looks cool but the frt end looks weird cause doesnt hav the signal lamp and with quad.

  3. banpei

    Well, if you imagine the whole car used to be a 4 door sedan they already did a great job in the first place! The A pilars were indeed crushed but you can see they are reinforced now.

  4. banpei

    Personally I like it that way: it makes the car stand out from the rest of the crowd. But then again: it all depends on someone’s personal taste… ;)

  5. Kid Karola

    The N2 flared TE71 reminded me of the old Opel Manta :’P

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